How to Crush Casino Video Poker: The Strategy Guide

If you are a gambler, you know how important it is to be a pro in whichever game you choose to place your wager on. On the top-canadiancasinos.com/ website, different games are offered, including blackjack, slots, video poker, roulette, craps, baccarat, and keno. All these games have a way that they need to be played for you to win. The house always has an advantage over the players, and for you to win as many rounds as you can. Today we give you the ultimate strategy guide to crush casino video poker like a pro. However, you need to understand why casino video poker is a great game before we do so.

Why Should I Play Casino Video Poker?

A great question is why you should choose to play casino video poker and not another game in the casino. Here are some reasons you should choose to crush video poker in the casino.

      I.        Relaxed Gaming Atmosphere

Video poker is not a game for people who love crowded atmospheres. The video poker set up in a casino provides anonymity that some players in the casino would love. You would not be bothered by casino staff or any other gamblers wishing to scrutinise every move you make.

    II.        Low House Edges

The game has one of the lowest house edges allowing the players to play for a really long time without finishing their casino bankroll or gambling money.

   III.        Payouts

The casino video poker game has massive payouts that you would not want to miss out on when played nicely.

With that all said, we can now move further and know how to play casino video poker like a pro!

1.    Always Bet Max Lines

As a video poker player, whether a beginner or a guru player, it is important to know that you should always bet the max lines; it does not matter how long you have been in the game or which variation you are in. The first and most important tip for playing casino video poker and crushing it is to always bet the max lines. It will give you the best return for the player. If you choose to play only on a single credit, rest assured, that your payout will remain low. However, this is not the case. Your payouts become really high and remarkable if you level up to max credits. If you really wish to break down the house edge as much as you can and to your advantage, betting max credits on every hand you play.

2.    Keep a Close Eye on the Payout

Payout tables play a key role in your video poker game. It is safe enough to say that payout tables are the main character in your casino video poker game. You should pay close attention to the payout table because sometimes it gives you the actual return to the player of a game, and this is information you need if you want to crush casino video poker. Understanding your payout table also ensures that the strategy you are using to play is the best to maximise the hands you are dealt. Take time to understand different paytables to ensure that you have a smooth time manoeuvring the casino video poker games.

3.    Play Games with the Best RTP

Just like in slot machines, the return to the player is vital in video gaming machines like casino video poker games. To make you understand, return to player is the total amount of deposited money a machine is designed to give back to players over the course of its lifetime. More importantly, the RTP is the amount of money that every wager should eventually receive from a specific game. The RTP is also used to determine the house edge. For example, if a machine’s RTP is 70%, the house edge is 30%. Therefore, choosing to play games with high RTP is important. The good news is, that machines for video poker games offer a much higher RTP; it could even be more than 100%. With the best strategy, you can ace this game. Sometimes, you may be tempted to use a different approach and chase long shots. Do not fall for that trick; stick to the strategy if you want to crush casino video poker.

Remember, the house always has an advantage over all the gamblers. Therefore, implementing the best strategy will lower the house advantage, and if done perfectly, you could enjoy an RTP of over 100%, lowering the house advantage by more than 50 %.

4.    Take Your Time

The first rule in playing any casino game is taking your time. Take it slow. Think it through because one tiny rush into things and you could lose your money and the game altogether. No one wants to lose a simple video poker game, right? You are allowed to set your own pace in this game. Do not have a tendency of blowing through hands or spin quickly. Some people might think that playing faster will give them a chance to go for many rounds and win much more money. However, that is not the case; taking your time to implement the perfect strategy for your game is the best decision you could ever make as a gambler. Slowing down preserves your bankroll and enables you to make money even on games with low RTP.

5.    Protect Your Bankroll

If you have gambled before, you know that a healthy bankroll is what you need to keep at stake for these games you wish to play. However, it can be difficult to keep track of your bankroll in video poker since it is a low-edge game. If possible, understand the volatility of the games and maybe choose to stick to the games with low volatility if you aim to protect your bankroll and not dig in too deep while making small profits and getting winnings at the same time.

6.    Use Progressive Bonus Machines

Here is the thing with gambling, you only have one thing in mind; profits. If a game cannot help you attain that, what use is it to you? Find a machine that gives you the chance to attain a progressive jackpot, and only then will you crush the casino video poker game.

Gambling is not hard with the right strategy. Taking your time to understand the analytics of a game should be key. Video poker is one of those games you can make more money with even without realising it. Use the tips above, and the next time you go to the casino, whether online or walk-in, you will be glad you read this article!

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