7 mins ago

    Sacramento’s first woman elected mayor Anne Rudin dies at 97

    According to her family, Anne Rudin, the first woman to be elected mayor of Sacramento,…
    23 mins ago

    Take 30% off colorful crystal-growing kit from National Geographic for Cyber Monday

    This National Geographic kit contains everything you need to grow a crystal garden. Need more…
    24 mins ago

    Kate Middleton’s Superga Gardening Shoes Are Our New Favorite Sneakers

    Great news! 20% off Superga Cotu Classic sneakers on various Cyber ​​Monday sales. Shopbop Cyber…
    25 mins ago

    World races to contain new COVID variant

    The new variants have created a major setback in the global commitment to pandemics. As…
    27 mins ago

    Strictly Come Dancing fans slam judges for ‘undermarking’ AJ Odudu

    Indignant Strictly Come Dancing fans went to Twitter on Saturday night to blame the judges…
    28 mins ago

    San Diego boy shot on Thanksgiving was hit by stray, family says

    San Diego — Family Shot and killed Thursday in San Diego was hit by a…
    46 mins ago

    SF Firefighters Use Jet Ski to Rescue Drowning Coyote Off Marina Green

    Coyote More comfortable around San Francisco Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have taken…
    57 mins ago

    UK confirms first two cases of new COVID strain

    Credit: CC0 public domain The UK confirmed the first two new Omicron strains of COVID-19…
    59 mins ago

    Oakland security guard, who was shot while protecting a TV crew, dies 

    An Oakland security guard has died from a bullet wound he suffered after the retired…
    60 mins ago

    ‘We See You San Diego’ provides home-cooked feasts to hundreds of homeless San Diegans weekly –

    November 27, 2021 Posted: Posted November 27, 2021 Has been updated: 11:52 AM KUSI News…
      1 hour ago

      Karol G Falls Mid-Performance in Miami

      Play video content TMZ.com Karol G For a while she took one of the most difficult falls on stage, but…
      2 hours ago

      Thieves Hit L.A. Home Depot for Crowbars, Bottega Veneta for Purses

      A group of thieves rushed to SoCal’s Home Depot in search of something that could lead to increased looting and…
      5 hours ago

      Kanye West Swarmed by Fans at Lakers Game as He Pleads for Kim’s Return

      Kanye West Clearly upset by his imminent divorce Kim KardashianBut on Friday night, he had a lot of fans and…
      6 hours ago

      Brian Laundrie’s Parents Discovered Missing Gun But Never Made Public

      Brian Laundrie He may have committed suicide with a pistol he brought from his parents’ house, but information about the…
      6 hours ago

      LeBron James Fined $15k by NBA for Grabbing His Crotch During Pacers Game

      Lebron James I took it in the crotch on Friday … and it cost him $ 15,000. Lebron was in…
      7 hours ago

      Thomas Wells, Former X Factor Star, Dead After Horrifying Accident

      The world of reality television is sad. Thomas Wells, who participated in The X Factor in other famous song contests…
      11 hours ago

      Joel McHale Says Alleged Don Lewis Doc Doesn’t Exonerate Carole Baskin

      Play video content TMZ.com Joel McHale I know one or two things about “Tiger King”-and he knows this too ……
      12 hours ago

      President Biden’s First National Christmas Tree Cost $139k

      President BidenThe first national Christmas tree lighting Donald TrumpThe last one … but bringing back a live audience would cost…
      12 hours ago

      Dallas Jenkins Says Jesus Show is Just the Ticket During Pandemic

      Play video content TMZ.com Dallas Jenkins His show about Jesus says it’s not the same old we’ve seen over and…
      20 hours ago

      Christine Brown Has a Blast on Thanksgiving, Very Clearly Doesn’t Miss Kody At All

      Christine Brown did more than just celebrate this week with a meal anniversary shared between Plymouth Colonies and members of…
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