Former ‘Bachelorette’ Charity Lawson Reveals Outcome of Breast Augmentation

Charity Lawson has decided to open up about her recent breast augmentation surgery.

The former ‘Bachelorette’ star revealed that she underwent the procedure to enhance her appearance, expressing her satisfaction with the outcome.

In a TikTok video posted on April 5, Lawson shared her thoughts about the surgery just one week post-operation. She confessed that it was a decision she had contemplated for quite some time before finally taking the plunge.

“I just wanted to do something for me,” Lawson stated, emphasizing her desire for the enhancement to complement her petite frame appropriately. She humorously added, “I don’t want this to be like, ‘Oh my God, this girl got her titties done.'”

Despite the lighthearted approach, Lawson expressed her contentment with the results and highlighted her intention to maintain transparency with her followers regarding her decision to undergo the surgery.

“I just wanted to kind of open this space and relay a transparent vibe between me and people who watch and support me,” she explained, encouraging anyone considering a similar procedure not to hesitate but to take the leap.

In another TikTok video shared on April 7, Lawson revealed that her fiancé, Dotun Olubeko, accompanied her throughout the surgical process, offering his support along the way.

“It was such a good procedure,” she remarked in the video, expressing her gratitude for Olubeko’s presence and assistance.

Lawson and Olubeko became engaged in 2023 during the final episode of season 20 of ‘The Bachelorette,’ where she chose him over fellow contestant Joey Graziadei.

Their engagement was marked by an emotional exchange, with Lawson expressing her newfound belief in love and Olubeko reciprocating her sentiments, ultimately proposing to her in a heartfelt moment captured on the show.

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