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Why Do Online Casinos Choose Specific Colors and Music?

The background music you hear while spinning your favorite reels wasn’t randomly picked, and the same goes for the colors lurking behind a commonly played blackjack game. All of that was determined by a team of people that sat down and discussed what type of music and colors would influence your actions while playing games. 

All of those things play a crucial role in determining your next step. So, if you’re interested in finding out the combination of marketing strategy and psychology, this is the place to find out more about it. Let’s dive in.

Influence of Colors on Players

It won’t come as a surprise that most online and land-based casinos look up to the Chinese harmony of Feng Shui. This proposes that particular colors positively impact people and their moods. Other studies show that warm colors encourage people to act while cool tones represent functionality, objectivity, and assurance. 

However, casinos still stick to a few key colors. Take a look.

Fruit Colors

You can commonly see fruit color combinations in multiple online casinos. Images like green pears, yellow bananas and lemons, and red cherries and apples are warm and inviting. Casinos use them to help players differentiate combinations and play the game with ease. Besides, these colors are exciting and familiar. You can see such a pattern if you decide to play House of Fun games — check them out.


If you’ve used to playing high-ranking casino games, you’ve probably noticed a lot of gold. This color is often used in advertisements as it suggests exclusivity and extravagance. Many game developers also use it for poker chips and coins, making it a good choice as it’s not as bright as yellow but still quite effective.

Red and Black

A typical color palette for casinos worldwide is red and black. Although the color combo is standard for roulette, it’s also common for other table games like blackjack and Poker Heat – free Texas holdem poker games. Aside from being routinely used in such games, black is also a calming and quiet color. Most casinos use it to darken the environment, thus letting players concentrate on the game.

Use of Music in Gaming Environments

Most people play games to unwind and relax. Music does a great job facilitating that and plays a significant role in balancing relaxation and focus. But what kind of music is most common? Let’s find out.


Undoubtedly, the most common type of music in online casinos is classical music. The soft sounds of classical music make players feel relaxed while also evoking feelings of exclusivity and royalty. However, the main idea is to allow players to focus on important decisions, especially with card games.


Unlike classical music, techno music is fast-paced and energy-evoking. That’s why many slot developers use it as their music choice. What’s more, slot games are not exactly thought-provoking, so you can enjoy some entertaining music while spinning the reels.


Some gaming varieties include a strong pop feel. Developers choose this type of music as it’s typically carnival-related and driven by luck. For example, when you hit a winning combination in slots, the tone of music changes to upbeat pop sounds, accompanied by flashing lights suggesting a win.


According to the eTraffic casino SEO service, many online casinos choose lounge music. It might sound odd, but this music genre was common in the 1950s as it helped create a tranquil setting. It’s typically backed by a soft piano, guitar, or drum, creating an exciting feel without distraction. The serene environment encourages players to stay put and keep playing.

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