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What to pay attention to when choosing mushroom farm equipment?

What to pay attention to when choosing mushroom farm equipment?

Technologically advanced, rich in modern features mushroom farm equipment is a must for farms which want to boost their profits and outrun the competition. While there are a lot of manufacturers and models of equipment, not all of them offer the same quality.

Therefore it’s important to choose the right ones, and not necessarily the first ones that will catch somebody’s eye. So, what to pay attention to when choosing equipment for a mushroom farm to make sure that it will be optimal? Check out our guide!

Mushroom picking trolleys need automation features

Mushroom picking trolleys are one of the biggest and most important pieces of mushroom farm equipment, which is why they need to be chosen very carefully. One thing that should always be taken into consideration is the features that the trolley offers, especially those related to automation.

Automation makes employees’ life easier and raises the farm’s overall profitability and work efficiency. Features present in modern mushroom picking trolleys related to automation include remote controlled up and down (and left and right) movement of the trolley, as well as an automated stoppage system.

Making the movement automatic means that the work is much less physically taxing and also faster. It’s a better solution than the old one, which included a crank that needed to be manually turned for the platform to move. As for stoppage systems, they dramatically increase workplace safety, since a machine can react much faster than the average human.

Growing nets have to be durable

Growing nets are used for one simple, but crucial purpose. It’s thanks to them that the substrate (necessary for the mushrooms’ growth) is pulled onto the shelves of the shelving, and then pulled out after use.

As such, the nets should be as durable as possible (which means that they shouldn’t easily damage or narrow) to ensure the longest possible service life. It’s best to invest in high-quality products that will serve the mushroom growing farm for a long time, as opposed to cheap knock-offs that will easily tear and have to be constantly replaced.

High-quality shelving is a must

Shelving, or more accurately, shelves of the shelving, are where the mushrooms grow. It should be, above all, durable. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the material with which the shelving was made. Aluminium is a good choice, as it can last for many years without an issue, even in harsh conditions, such as the ones present in a mushroom growing farm.

Aluminium shelving can have different dimensions depending on the farm’s preferences (for example, the expected load). Good shelving made of this material is light, easy to assemble and doesn’t corrode, so even the most demanding mushroom farm owners should be satisfied with them.

The manufacturer’s reputation, offered features and quality of materials are just some of the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing the right mushroom farm equipment. Reliable equipment, distinguished by high-quality and fitted with modern solutions, can be obtained from trusted suppliers, such as GROWTIME.

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