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What it Takes to Create a Fitness App in 2022

Now is the most beneficial time for building your own fitness application. The increased popularity of electronic devices and wearables make more people download such apps.

What’s more, due to Covid-19 pandemic the public interest in keeping fit and strengthening the immune system has also arisen. People dream about eternal youth and pay more attention to their nutrition and daily activity.

Despite the fact that the global fitness app market is very competitive, you still stand a chance of developing a unique and high-quality platform. Experts believe that in the future this sector will gain more power and its revenue will reach 990 million by 2025. What’s more, such world’s giants as Apple and Amazon have also supported the fitness apps trend and developed new and appealing services for customers.

Thanks to this article you will get valuable information needed for developing a profitable fitness application. Our team will tell you about crucial development steps and pivotal features for gaining success.

How to develop a client-oriented fitness app

  The app development process requires a great deal of time, effort, and energy. Before getting down to business, try to get as much information about this market as possible. In such a way you can avoid the most common mistakes and understand what problems may arise. Below you will find the list of the most common reasons why people don’t use fitness apps. This information is essential for understanding users’ requirements and needs.

1. Lack of time

The easiest way to find excuses for your laziness is to say that you don’t have time for it. In fact, it may be true, but it is more about poor time management rather than lack of time itself.

You should include such functions to your app as scheduling to help people plan their day. Make sure your app also offers short, but effective training for such users.

2. Too strenuous activities

Some people believe that the best way to keep fit is to do exhausting exercises in the gym. However, fitness apps offer a range of pleasant activities and everyone can find the best offer for them. Among available options there is fitness, riding a bike, jogging, etc. All these activities can be tracked and assessed with the help of fitness apps.

Your aim is to let people know about it. Use this information while opting for a marketing strategy and provide a range of useful articles on this theme.

3. No progress

  A lot of people view sport as pointless because they see little progress. The reality is that such users just lack motivation and consistency. Thanks to setting particular activity goals, app users can push themselves to train. It is essential to make people understand that success doesn’t come in one day and remind them to increase their daily activity with the help of push notifications.

4. Gym affordability

  Not all people can afford to go to the gym. Make sure you have taken such clients into account and thought of some home alternatives for them. Short tutorials with training at home or a park can be entirely beneficial and attract new customers.

 5. Lack of experience

There are a lot of people who are just afraid to start doing sport because they simply don’t know how to do it. Make sure your fitness application provides clear instructions and useful recommendations.

Another beneficial idea is to give people the ability to create communities and communicate via the platform. In such a way they will get additional motivation and support. It will definitely encourage more Internet users to opt for your services.

 Steps to develop a fitness application

Now when you know about the basic features you should focus on to make people switch to your fitness app, you can think of the development process itself. We highly recommend you build an MVP to evaluate the appealingness of your application, its weak and strong sides.

If you are serious about building a fitness app, you are required to go through the following stages:

1. Research

  You need to google a lot to have a deep understanding of a chosen market sector and your future product. You should decide on the type of application you want to develop.

It is a beneficial idea to focus on a particular objective. You can deliver services for ordinary people or those who require sports rehabilitation and special treatment. Analyze the customers’ requirements and try to offer ways of satisfying them.

Learn about your rivals and try to detect their vulnerabilities as well as strong sides. During this research, you will come up with a range of ideas and profitable app models.

  1. App functionality

  You should know that there are some basic and specific features. Try to think as a fitness app user and choose the most essential functions. The features you choose will influence the fitness app development cost.

Pay enough attention to the UI/UX design and make your product visually appealing to the customers. Make sure all users can schedule their training and set reminders. Push notifications are of crucial importance, but let people easily turn them off.

The latest survey has shown that most users appreciate video tutorials. They can be both about the functionality of your app and the technique of performing exercises.

 3.  Monetization model

The main objective of any businessman is to make a profit. While developing a fitness application you should understand how exactly you will do it. There are a lot of monetization models nowadays. Among the most popular ones is a method based on receiving money from advertisements. If you opt for this model you should promote relevant goods, otherwise, ads can irritate the app users.

The second most popular monetization model lies in allowing in-app purchases. You can charge clients for diet recipes, workouts filmed by celebrities or well-known sportsmen, etc. Sometimes business owners offer users the ability to buy sports equipment or any other goods via the platform, taking a percentage for all money transactions.

The so-called freemium monetization model consists in providing services to users only for monthly donations. As a rule, people can download an app for free and enjoy only a limited amount of functions. For gaining access to premium features or getting rid of ads users are required to pay.

Remember that we have mentioned only the 3 most popular monetization methods. The range of models is various and you can opt for the most suitable one.

4. The development process

This step is the most responsible. It brings all your ambitions and ideas to life and determines the existence of your fitness application. The best thing you can do is to find a professional development team with vast experience and high expertise. It will be entirely beneficial if iOS and Android users will have access to equally good services.

5. Testing and app launch

After the work is done it comes to the most pleasant and thrilling stage. Now you can launch your fitness app and analyze its performance. It is essential to think of the marketing strategy and make people know about your product. Keep an eye on users’ feedback, app performance, and engagement level.

This data will help you assess the potential success of the chosen monetization strategy and delivered services. If something goes wrong, adjustments should be made.

Final thoughts

  As you see, the development of fitness app requires a great deal of time, energy, and money. However, all your investments in this sector are likely to pay off due to its popularity. If you focus on the needs and requirements of the clients, you will be able to offer appealing services to them and gain both profit and popularity.

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