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What is a Prostate Massager?

When it comes to our sexual health, there are still many things that people are unaware of. One of those things for men is the health and existence of their prostate. The prostate is a walnut-sized organ that sits just below our bladder and helps with the production of semen and hormone production. It is an essential organ in our reproductive system with both systematic functions and sensational ones. A prostate massager is a device used to stimulate the prostate internally. This can be done with a prostate massager or a finger, as the prostate is easily accessible inside the anal cavity. Located about just an inch inside, massaging this gland has more than one benefit for those lucky enough to own one! Prostate massagers come in all shapes, sizes, and varying features. This article will talk about how to use a prostate massager and why these devices are becoming so popular. Keep reading to learn more! 

A New Pleasure Center

             The biggest use for a prostate massager is a simple one; for pleasure! The prostate is known as the ‘male g-spot’ and when stimulated, can cause intense feelings of sexual pleasure. Many men describe the sensations as taking over their whole body and delivering what’s known as a full-body orgasm. Prostate stimulation has become an attractive practice for men, regardless of sexuality. Most men find that having another way to reach an orgasm is not only an entirely different kind of pleasure but also empowers them to know their bodies that much more intimately. 

How Does it Work?  

            A prostate massager is fairly simple to use but may require some mental and physical preparation. A prostate massager is usually shaped to be slimmer at the end, tapered at the bottom with a curved arm for accurate targeting of the prostate. Using a healthy amount of lube, insert the prostate massager until it fits snugly inside the anus. These devices are ergonomically shaped to fit perfectly in the anal canal. This is where selecting the suitable model is essential, as larger models will likely feel uncomfortable with someone who is known to use a prostate massager. Go for a slimmer, more basic device if you’re new to your prostate massager, and remember to go slow and be patient! 

Can Help With Prostatitis 

            Aside from the sexual benefits of using a prostate massager, it can also help with a particular condition that can develop in those with prostates. Inflammation of the prostate, also known as prostatitis, can cause several uncomfortable symptoms such as difficulty or pain urinating, pain in the pelvis, and general discomfort in the groin region. When the prostate swells, a light massage can help relieve some of the fluid accumulated in the prostate, which causes it to swell and put pressure on the urethra, making it difficult to urinate. We can also relieve pressure on the urethra by reducing the swelling, making it easier to urinate and reducing some of the discomforts. 

Safety Tips 

            When it comes to our sexual health, safety should always be at the center of our conversation with ourselves and our partners. When it comes to prostate play and anal play, safety is critical. When we talk about safety here, we’re talking about both using products designed to be used in this way and preparing your body for what you’re going to do. This means not using household objects to stimulate your prostate and making sure that you use plenty of lubrication to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Too little lube when engaging in anal play, too little lube can lead to dangerous and uncomfortable consequences, so make sure you use plenty of lubrication throughout the entire experience! If you feel like you need more, add more. Always play safe when using a prostate massager!

To recap, a prostate massager is an adult toy used to stimulate the prostate by insertion into the anus. The prostate is a small organ located just beneath the bladder and can be easily stimulated from inside the anal canal and from the outside via the perineum. Stimulation from the anus is the most effective and easiest way to stimulate the prostate directly, so prostate massagers are such popular devices for men looking to explore their exual experiences. They come in various styles, shapes, and sizes for different experience levels and tastes. Some come with vibrating motors, and some don’t vibrate at all but rely on your muscle contractions to rock back and forth to stimulate the prostate. Whatever your preference is, there is a product out there that is perfect for you!

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