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A video released Friday shows the husband of former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi fighting his assailants for control of the hammer just before he was beaten during a brutal attack on the couple’s San Francisco home last year. It shows how it is.

Body camera footage shows suspect David DePape snatching tools from 82-year-old Paul Pelosi and lunging at him with a hammer over the head. The police (one of them cursing) ran into the house and jumped on Depap.

Pelosi, clearly unconscious, is seen lying face down on the floor in her pajama top and underwear. Officials later said he woke up in a pool of his own blood.

The release comes after a coalition of news outlets including the Associated Press sought access to evidence prosecutors staged in open court last month.The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office made the exhibit available to journalists. had refused to do so.

A state court judge ruled Wednesday that there was no reason to keep the video secret.

The evidence included portions of Paul Pelosi’s 911 call on October 28, video from Capitol Police surveillance cameras, a body camera worn by one of the first two officers to arrive at the house, and nearly 18 minutes of voice recordings included. From DePape’s interview with police.

In the Capitol video, Depap walks up to the glass-paneled door just after 2am and comes back with a large backpack and two other bags. He put the item down, pulled out his hammer, paused and donned his glove, using it to shatter the glass in the door and was able to get through the opening.

DePape has pleaded not guilty to ongoing state and federal lawsuits. He is in prison without bail. He faces charges including attempted murder, elder abuse, and assaulting a federal employee’s next-of-kin.

San Francisco deputy public defender Adam Lipson, who represented DePape and opposed the release of the evidence in court filings, said in a statement Friday that the release of the video was a “horrible mistake.”

“This footage is inflammatory and could fuel unsubstantiated theories regarding this case. rice field.

Members of Congress face a surge in threats in the two years since the Jan. 6, 2021 riots at the US Capitol.

During the Jan. 6 attacks, mobs rampaged through the halls in an attempt to block proof of Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump in the presidential election, chanting menacingly for speakers. This week, one man was convicted of eight counts after he put his foot on Pelosi’s office desk and left her a note punctuated with sexist slurs.

When Paul Pelosi was sleeping in the couple’s home, Depp, who was 42 at the time and almost half Pelosi’s age, allegedly broke in. member.

Paul Pelosi then underwent surgery to repair a fractured skull and serious injuries to his right arm and hand. Since then, he has appeared in public wearing his cap and gloves to cover his wounds.

Speaking at the U.S. Capitol after the video was released, Nancy Pelosi said her husband was “making progress, but it will take more time.”

“I haven’t heard a 911 call. I haven’t heard a confession. I haven’t seen a break-in. And I’m not going to see a fatal assault on my husband at all,” she said.

The body camera video of San Francisco Officer Colby Wilmeth begins with a policeman approaching a brick house and banging on the door. It takes about 20 seconds for the door to open. Meanwhile, the officers discuss whether there is a suitable house.

As the door opens, Paul Pelosi says, “Hello everyone, how are you?”

Both men are confronted by cops at the door. At first, the hammer is in the shadows, about five seconds before the flashlight shows Depapp holding the handle of the hammer with his right hand and clasping Pelosi’s right hand with his left hand around the hammer’s head. takes. The struggle is not evident in the first seconds.

“What happened?” asks the cop.

“All is well,” DePape replies.

“Drop the hammer,” says the officer.

Depapu says no and begins to pull it away from Pelosi’s hands. Pelosi says, “Hey, hey.”

DePappe wins control of the hammer, reels it in with a right, and delivers a vicious overhand blow as Pelosi disappears from view and the cops rush in. Officers called for backup as they wrestled with DePappe and Pelosi lay on the ground.

In an interview with San Francisco Police Department Lieutenant Carla Hurley after being taken into custody, DePape said that although the attack was not on her intended target, Nancy Pelosi, she does not regret the attack.

DePape, who was surprised to find Paul Pelosi at his home, described most of their encounter as “pretty friendly,” but said he attacked him with a hammer because he was on a mission.

DePape said the attack happened very quickly and recalled how the officers were surprised.

“I will take the hammer away from him and go into action,” he said in an excited voice. “They spring into action. They seem to be on top of me soon.

Depapu said he didn’t remember how many times he hit Pelosi, but said he hit him “with all his might.”

Depapu tells Hurley that he is after Nancy Pelosi, who lied to the American public, and intends to take her hostage for her crimes. He believed in a discredited conspiracy that the Democrats stole the 2020 election from Trump.

He said he planned to take her hostage and would “break her kneecap” if she lied.

When Hurley asked why Depp didn’t leave when he realized Nancy Pelosi wasn’t home and the police were on their way, he compared himself to the Founding Fathers and called for surrender. He explained that he refused.

US Capitol Police investigated nearly 10,000 threats against members last year. That’s more than double what she was four years ago. The department faced heavy criticism in the aftermath of the attack on Paul Pelosi. You can access the cameras on the platform.

Public officials across the United States have also endured harassment and intimidation, from members of local school boards to election officials.

A former Republican candidate for state legislature in New Mexico was arrested this month in a series of shootings that targeted the homes and offices of elected Democrats, prompting a Kansas man to be found guilty of threatening Republican lawmakers. received.

White House spokeswoman Carine Jean-Pierre said Biden continued to denounce political violence.

“I don’t think you need a video to see how horrible and reckless the attack on Paul Pelosi was. To be honest, it’s a miracle that Paul wasn’t seriously injured. He continues to recover.” she said on Friday.

Associated Press writer Lindsay Whitehurst in Washington contributed to this report. Video Shows Hammer Struggle During Pelosi Attack – Daily News

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