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The BestPenis EnlargementPills(TOP-3)to Buy ONLINE. My Opinion and Results

For the last 20 years, we have been receiving advertisements for penis enlarging pills in our mailboxes. Everyone claims that such products do not exist, don’t work, and are a deception.

Simultaneously, deep down, we would really like pills such as these to exist to improve erection and sexual stamina.

This article debunks the myths and provides real facts about what counts as penis enlarge pills today.

They exist and work. Don’t believe me?

Our references, links to clinical studies, medical facts, and real reviews will allow you to feel better about buying effective pills that are available on the market online.

So, let’s immediately outline the following:

We discuss herbal male enlargement supplements that include important trace elements, plant extracts, and roots, whose action on male potency is proved by medical research.

By enhancing male libido, providing blood to the penis, and filling the Corpora Cavernosa to the maximum, you can improve erection hardness.

These medicines, including VigRx Plus, Male Extra, and Max Performer, contain natural ingredients that stimulate testosterone production, blood flow to the penis, and erectile ability.

Due to the daily intake of two to four capsules for several months, the cumulative effect of the growth of an erect penis can be achieved.

The penis becomes larger in length and width due to the maximum filling of the blood chambers of the penis, which today are far from being filled completely. This will inevitably lead to a visual increase in penis size.

3 Best Male EnlargementPills in 2021

#1. VigRx Plus

Best Penis EnlargementPills to BuyONLINE. My Opinion and Results.jpg

  • Prices:1 month supply – $69, 2 month – $129, 3 month – $179, 6 month – $329, 12 month – $589
  • Recommended by: Dave David (M.D. and Surgeon)
  • Ingredients:Turner, Epimedium, Ashwagandha (red ginseng), Miura Pauma, Hawthorn, Catuaba, Palmetto, Ginkgo biloba, Bioperine
  • Made by:Leading Edge Health;
  • First/Max results:30/360 days
  • Money back:67-day
  • Shipping: Worldwide (Free shipping options available)
  • Official site:vigrxplus.com

What is this pill, and why is it the best in the world?

Today, among thousands of different male enlargement pills, VigRx Plus has no equal. Its formula is proven effective by reviews and documented in clinical trials by Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. This is critical, as you won’t find evidence of the effectiveness of any other similar product.

What results can you achieve?

VigRx Plus not only helps to make your erection stronger but also produces the following results:

– enhanced male desire and libido
– improved sexual stamina
– faster recovery after orgasm before the next erection
– improved quality of sex and pleasure

How does VigRx Plus work?

The study was published in BioMed Central and republished in the US National Library of Medicine. The results achieved by the tested group of men are clearly recorded.

We are talking about a significant increase in erection and improvement of male sexual functions. Continued use of VigRx Plus strengthens male potency, heightens sexual desire, and maximizes erection. The result of this process is the visual growth of your penis.

VigRx Plus can be called the #1 penis enlargement pills in the world since only this product is able to improve blood circulation to the penis and stimulate the penis tissue to stretch even more during an erection.


  1. Doctors recommend VigRx Plus. For more than 10 years on the market, scientists developed a unique formula from a well-known pharmaceutical company.
  2. Optimal dosage. The product contains only high-quality ingredients with the right amounts to achieve the desired effect.
  3. The body perfectly metabolizes the tablet, and all the components of the formula are quickly absorbed, allowing you to get the best effect. All of this is thanks to Bioperine.
  4. This product has a scientific basis for its action. Therefore,VigRx Plus slogans are not unfounded but confirmed by the facts recorded in clinical trials of the formula.

 VigRx Plus study

 A total of 79 men took VigRx Plus for 84 days, and their results confirmed the effectiveness of the tablets.

 You can read reviews of real customers both on the company’s website and on various forums. These tablets are unmatched in terms of the effectiveness, safety, and quality of the ingredients.

There is no need to worry about side effects. After just 30 days, you will notice how your erection becomes stronger, larger, and you can have sex for longer.

Ultimately, men about significant erection improvements after a course of six to 12 months.

Order VigRx Plus from the official site

#2. Male Extra

Best Penis EnlargementPills to BuyONLINE. My Opinion and Results.jpg

  • Prices:1 month supply – $64.95, 4 months – $129(+free erection ge), 6 months – $249.95(free erection gel), 12 months – $395.95(4 erection gels)
  • Ingredients:L-arginine, Organic sulfur, L-methionine, Zinc, Chinese cordyceps extract, Niacin
  • Made by:SsshhLimited;
  • First/Max results:30/360 days
  • Shipping: Worldwide (Free shipping)
  • Official site:maleextra.com

What is this product?

Male Extra is not inferior to VigRx Plus because the formula itself has a number of unique features. First, it contains ellagic acid (pomegranate), which you won’t find in any other supplement. Second, it stimulates blood circulation so that you can count on erection enhancement and even get rid of premature ejaculation.

Male Extra increases the level of nitric oxide in the blood. It helps expand and narrow the blood vessels and relaxes the penis tissues and muscles, allowing them to stretch more during an erection.

This explains the effect of penis enlargement. In addition, men who regularly take Male Extra say that their sexual stamina increases and the desire to have sex for longer because their erection becomes powerful, strong, and long-lasting.

How does Male Extra work?

The penis fills with blood when it becomes erect. The stronger the blood flow and the more relaxed the penis tissue is initially, the more it will fill with blood. Male Extra increases blood oxygen levels to stimulate blood flow to the penis thanks to its unique formula. This will help to get rid of erectile dysfunction.

Main benefits of Male Extra

  1. Real erection improvement. The effect itself is achieved only during an erection, and there is a scientific explanation for this. Typically, the penis tissues and Corpora Cavernosa are not filled with blood due to insufficient tissue and blood vessels. This is the block that prevents you from realizing the potential of your erection. Male Extra allows the penis to fill its chambers with blood, which is gradually reflected in the penis size.
  2. None of the pills except for Male Extra can fight the problem of premature ejaculation.
  3. It is worth noting the intensity of erection and orgasm you get after taking Male Extra for several months. This will completely change the quality of sex.
  4. Male Extra has a complex effect on the male reproductive system, increasing sex drive, orgasm strength, and erection duration.

 Why is Male Extra trusted?

This is one of the oldest male enlargement pills on the market, with many reviews. Hundreds of thousands of men have already purchased these penis enhancement supplements, and such popularity is not without reason.

Let’s list the factors that influenced this:

  1. Male Extra contains only natural ingredients(extracts, plants, mushrooms, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids), each with the perfect dosage.
  2. The first results appear after 30 days of taking the pills. In such a short period of time, you can be convinced to continue taking the pills for the next three to six months.
  3. The formula increases the erection hardness and sex stamina. This is achieved by affecting the blood flow to the penis and relaxing the penis tissues, which can now take in more blood and make the penis larger.
  4. Male Extra guarantees the result(an increase in an erection first). If you buy it from the official website, you have the opportunity to purchase the product at the best price and receive an official guarantee.
  5. Male Extra has no side effects. The ingredients do not cause any allergic reactions, and you do not need to visit your doctor first. Male Extra is a penis enlargingsupplement suitable for anyone who has problems with erection or wants to strengthen it.


Get Male Extra today

#3. Max Performer

Best Penis EnlargementPills to BuyONLINE. My Opinion and Results.jpg

  • Prices:1 month supply – $69, 3 months – $138, 6 months – $200
  • First/Max results:30/180 days
  • Shipping: Worldwide
  • Official site:maxperformer.com

What is this product?

When buying a quality penis growth supplement, the most important aspect is the formula’s effectiveness and safety, quality, and result from taking it. Max Performer is a UK-made product that complies with all UK rules and regulations. This means that it is truly European quality. In addition,Max Performer is certified and approved for sale worldwide.

Is it possible to get rid of erectile dysfunction by taking these pills for several months?Of course, such results are individual, and the manufacturer cannot guarantee them. But it promises to increase erection, sex drive, and orgasm strength. What does this mean?

The ingredients saturate the blood with oxygen by stimulating the production of nitric oxide. In this case, it is worth paying attention to formulas that stimulate the contraction and expansion of blood vessels and relaxation of the penis tissues.

After all, this is what helps your penis expand in size during an erection. You can achieve this effect with Max Performer.

The formula has a complex effect, and the results of taking the male enlargingpills are as follows:

  1. Significantincreaseinerection
  2. Increasedsexualdesire
  3. Increased sexual stamina; faster recovery after orgasm before the next erection

This effect is due to the fact that your erection and penis size are closely related. You may complain about the size of your penis because you don’t know what it can become.

If all the chambers of your penis fill up, your tissues will run in more blood, and your blood vessels will be filled with blood full of oxygen. Your erection size can become permanent when you take Max Performer.

Benefitsof Max Performer

  1. European quality
  2. A truly effective composition of natural ingredients, none of which can cause side effects
  3. The perfect balance of all herbs, extracts, vitamins, and minerals in the formula
  4. Money-back guarantee if you don’t see the effect
  5. Real customer reviews, among which you can read those related to penis enlargement

How to choose the best penis enlargement pills?

  1. Study the official website of the tablets carefully. Pay attention to factors such as medical confirmation of effectiveness, the manufacturer’s contacts, support service, warranty, doctor’s recommendations, and formula composition. Carefully check the properties of all ingredients on medical websites.
  2. Read reviews on forums, Reddit, and Amazon. The reviews will allow you to decide if taking such pills and learning their effect on others.
  3. Even if you narrowed your selection down to three of the most famous tablets: VigRx Plus, Male Extra, and Max Performer, you should know that only VigRx Plus has real clinical studies, and its effectiveness has been proven.

How do natural male enlargement supplements work

  1. Penis tissue can stretch as blood rushes to the penis. Simultaneously, the pills make the blood flow especially strong and maximize the stretch of the tissues as the penis fills with blood.
  2. We are not talking about your penis becoming larger in a relaxed state; we only talk about an erect penis. When more blood can flow, the tissues of the penis can relax and stretch more.
  3. The pills increase blood flow to the penis and make the penis chambers fill up to their maximum capacity.
  4. In addition to an increase in erection size, you will also notice an increase in erection duration, faster arousal, increased sexual desire, and even control over ejaculation.

In fact, taking natural penis enlargementpills is equivalent to taking many different dietary supplements for male enhancement, like aphrodisiacs, the properties of which are intended to enhance male potency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that penis enlargementpills make your penis 3 inches longer?

No, this is not true. Such results are only possible when using penis traction technology with extenders. The pills have nothing to do with it. They can only enhance the effect by increasing blood circulation.

What result can I achieve with the best penis growthpills?

By taking natural penis enlargingpills consistently, you will be able to get rid of ED in a short period of time.Taking pills like VigRx Plus, Male Extra,orMax Performeris recommended to get a long-lasting effect and a powerful erection.

How long does the effect of taking the medicines last?

Suppose we are talking about taking an entire course of natural supplements, for example,a 12-month VigRx Plus course. In that case, the cumulative effect is such that you will be able to fully restore your potency and erectile function at the end of the course, revealing your maximum sexual potential.

Can the penis enlargementpills be ineffective?

It all depends on the pills, some of which have been proven by medical research. Of course, we’re talking about VigRx Plus, while other pills like Male Extra and Max Performer have powerful erection enhancement ingredients. Their reviews indicate their effectiveness.

There are so many different pills on the market. Which ones work?

There are about 1,000 penis enhancementsupplements brands, perhaps more, but they are all copies of one formula. Only the names change; otherwise, these are all dietary supplements with active components to enhance libido.

Many of them simply do not work, and even if they do, no one knows enough information about them. That is why it is better to avoid such products since you will not be able to find answers about who made them, where they come from, and what they contain.

Products like VigRx Plus, Male Extra, and Max Performer have existed on the market for many years. They guarantee quality and efficiency and are trusted by hundreds of thousands of buyers.

Can penis enlarge pills cause side effects?

If you buy a counterfeit or a low-quality product of dubious origin, then you will either feel no effect or you’ll experience side effects. Not everything that is written on the packaging is true.

Manufacturers often add Yohimbe to their formulations, although it is a potent supplement that may not work for everyone and can cause side effects. Quality penis enlargement pills do not contain harmful ingredients, nor do they cause side effects.

Best Penis EnlargementPills to BuyONLINE. My Opinion and Results.jpg

Do I need to consult a doctor about buying such pills?

This is unnecessary, especially because doctors cannot recommend taking dietary supplements since they write prescriptions only for official drugs. It is alternative medicine. If you want to know about the formula’s composition, you can find this information on medical websites.

Order #1 VigRx Plus pills


It is important to understand what isbehind the term “penis enlargement pills”.

You must understand that the manufacturer indicates the main effect – an increase in erection – and this result is guaranteed from the three tablets from this rating. In fact, an erection can make your penis longer.

If you have decided to try it out, then the three tablets we wrote about in this review, VigRx Plus, Male Extra, or Max Performer, will definitely suit you, because they are the best.

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