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Semenax Customer Review. Does it Work? Month-by-Month Results

We can all agree that having a powerful ejaculation is a great experience that can make sex truly emotional, full of sensations and pleasure.

That is why men who watch adult films are often disappointed when their sperm volume is not as powerful and spectacular as they see.

This often leads to frustration with sex, as it does not impress their sexual partner. Weak semen volume may make them seem like a weak lover.

What is Semenax?

Semenax Customer Review. Does it Work? Month-by-Month Results

Brief review:

  • Official site:com
  • Prices: 1 month supply – $59.95, 3 month supply – $154.95, 6 month-supply – $289.95, 12 month – $399.95
  • Ingredients:Swedish Flower Pollen, L-Arginine HCL, L-Lysine, Epimedium Sagittatum, Butea Superba, L-Carnitine
  • Benefits:3-5x times more semen, longer orgasm, shoot massive loads, experience better orgasm control
  • Results(First/Max):30 days/360 days
  • Money-back:67-day
  • Shipping:free global shipping on selected packages
  • Discount code(10% OFF):SAVE10(limited time). Order now

It is a natural product that can multiply the production of sperm in your body. It is truly incredible that a supplement can do this.

Clinical studies demonstrate that Semenax does the following:

  • Increases the fluid of seminal vesicles by 70%
  • Increases the hardness of the prostate gland by 25%
  • Increases the fluid of the bulbourethral gland

After a month or two, you will see the following results:

  1. An abundant flow of semen accompanies a stronger ejaculation.
  2. Orgasms will become more emotional and long-lasting as you ejaculate.
  3. Orgasmic contractions are brighter, and you will want to ejaculate more and more.
  4. Prolonged sexual intercourse that ends with a powerful ejaculation.

How does Semenax work? Ingredients and their benefits

The formula’s action is characterized by a complex of natural ingredients in its composition.

Swedish Pollen enhances the reproductive system and affects the volume of sperm production.

L-arginine directly affects sperm count and erection. The extract also activates dormant spermatozoa, which do not participate in ejaculation, so that they become mobile and affect the volume of semen.

L-lysine is rich in zinc, which is responsible for sperm production. The more zinc there is in the body, the more testosterone is produced in it. This, in turn, affects the volume of semen during ejaculation.

EpimediumSagittarius enhances libido and increases testosterone production. If there is an average amount of testosterone in the body, you will see stronger ejaculation.

Butea Superba increases male sexual activity and stimulates male sexual desire. These aphrodisiac properties make the Semenax formula ideal for improving the quality of sex, orgasm, and ejaculation.

L-carnitine – this amino acid directly affects the activity of sperm. By setting in motion dormant sperm, you naturally intensify ejaculation.

Learn Semenax ingredients on the official site

5 reasons to choose Semenax

Semenax Customer Review. Does it Work Month-by-Month Results.jpg

1st reason

Semenax is the highest-quality sperm enhancementformula. It is sold from the manufacturer’sofficial website. Its effect is guaranteed and confirmed by medical research, which you can familiarize yourself with both on the website and in reputable medical publications.

2nd reason

Semenax is an all-natural product that includes plant extracts and amino acids.

3rd reason

It is the most popular sperm volume supplement in the world. Famous adult film actors buy it, and the results are visible to the naked eye. Trust in Semenax drives its popularity, and you can order 1-12 month supply easily on the official site.

4th reason

The manufacturer provides a money-back guarantee. If you don’t see the results from using Semenax within 67 day period, you can ask for a refund.

5th reason

You will not experience any side effects from taking Semenax pills since the formula contains only natural ingredients that do not cause allergies and are suitable for everyone. You have no reason to go to your doctor for advice before purchasing a product. This supplement is available for purchase without a prescription.

Frequently asked questions about Semenax

Does this formula really work?

Yes. Its effectiveness is proved by numerous customer reviews on forums, Amazon, Reddit, and many other sites.You have the ability to increase your sperm count by three-five times. Official studies have been featured and published on leading medical websites.

Are there side effects of taking the pills?

No. Side effects are ruled out because the formula does not contain any synthetic ingredients that could cause allergies.

Do I need to consult a doctor before purchasing Semenax?

This is not necessary since the supplement is sold without a prescription. You can consult a doctor if you have doubts about a particular ingredient, but that is your personal decision.

When will I see the results?

The first results will be noticeable after a month. You will see the final results in 6 to 12 months.

My results after using Semenax pills for 5 months

Semenax Customer Review. Does it Work Month-by-Month Results.jpg

So, we come to the most important part of this review: my personal experience. I decided to try Semenax on myself, as I found my ejaculation to be inexpressive, unimpressive, short-lived and unconvincing.

I have received reproach from many sexual partners for my low sperm count during orgasm. This is my physiology, and I pay a lot of attention to my sex life. I had been looking for sexual partners in my free time, meeting, communicating, looking for a close relationship, and everything to make my sex life richer.

My favorite pastime is chatting with women on Tinder and Instagram.

This is the life of a bachelor, which I am. I do not want a serious relationship because I’ve realized that this is not for me. I am 38 years old, and I still have time to start a family.

But for now, I want to seduce women and make love to them.

Taking Semenax was of key importance to me because I wanted to be able to ejaculate like the best lover. This is not some strange desire; I’ve read on forums that millions of men around the world dream of spectacular ejaculation.

How to take pills?

I began taking Semenax twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening. I found out about the tablet on the forum, and when I started reading and asking questions, I got a lot of advice from other users, which I will share with you.

Order Semenax to improve your semen volume in 3-6 months

4 Myths and reality

Myth #1: The pills themselves can increase your ejaculation.

Reality #1: This is not entirely true, even with Semenax. Weak ejaculation results from several issues in a man’s sexual function. It could be due to a lack of testosterone, zinc in the blood, lifestyle, lack of exercise, disease, chronic fatigue, or depression. Consequently, supplements alone cannot solve the problem.

Myth #2: Pills don’t work; they won’t help increase sperm count in any way. It’s genetics.

Reality #2: Blame everything on genetics. In this case, it is wrong since the amount of sperm directly depends on your testosterone level, the quality of your sperm, and the state of your sexual health. Semenax tablets are clinically proven to stimulate sperm production.

Myth #3: Sperm count does not affect the quality of sex.

Reality #3: You get an orgasm during ejaculation for a reason. Its duration depends on your amount of sperm. The more you ejaculate, the longer your orgasm will last.If you attach great importance to sex in your life, you cannot ignore the importance of a powerful ejaculation.

Myth #4: Pills to increase sperm count do not exist and do not work.

Reality #4: There have been various formulas on the market for increasing sperm count for over 10 years(Volume Pills, Spermomax, Maxatin). Many of them are ineffective. It is important to understand what kind of product you want to buy and if its effect has been medically proven.

Semenax containsproperties to improve the sperm count naturally. The product has passed all clinical studies, and its action is proven not only by research but also by customer reviews, which you can read on forums and social networks.

Semenax results(before/after) month by month revealed

1st month of using Semenax

After taking the pills every day for two weeks, I felt new sensations during ejaculation. My orgasm became longer, it was more explosive and emotional, and I no longer needed my sex and erections to become stronger.

2nd month

At five to six weeks, I saw how my ejaculation lasted longer, and I had more sperm. This fact was noted not only by me but also by my sexual partner.

3rd-4th month

I noticed a gradual increase in my semen levels every day. Moreover, my erection became stronger and longer. I saw a complex effect – an improvement in my sexual function and, as a result, in my sperm count.

5th-6th month

I truly got the result I wanted. I never thought I could ejaculate like that.

Where to buy Semenax?

Today Semenax is sold on many marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, GNC. But the best and most convenient place to purchase it is the official website.

Here are the benefits of buying Semenax officially:

  1. You will receive a 67-day money-back guarantee. If during this time you are not happy with the results, you can get a refund.
  2. You will receive a 100% original product, as today there are many fakes available online.
  3. You can get the best pricewhen buying several bottles of Semenax.
  4. You will qualify for free international shipping when you buy at least three bottles of Semenax.
  5. You can get answers to your questions about the formula from Semenax support.com.
  6. You can rest assured that your credit card details will be safe when you order from the official website.
  7. When buying from com, your order will be delivered quickly and conveniently.


Why is male semen volume so important for women?

Women instinctively regard a man as a good lover by the size of his penis, his erection, and his level of ejaculation. The latter is the most important since it is associated with women at the primary instincts’ level as a reproductive function.

This is genetics that you cannot argue with.

The woman is looking for a man who can fertilize her. If he does not have enough sperm count, then he is not the best choice for her. Women are excited by abundant ejaculation for a reason, and all this is genetically inherent in them.

Confidence in your sexual performance matters

Powerful ejaculation is an opportunity to feel self-confidence as a lover. This is a chance to dominate sex and demonstrate your sexuality. This is what makes your sex unforgettable.

Final review

Semenax Customer Review. Does it Work Month-by-Month Results.jpg

Sperm improvement is the answer to numerous questions related to your sex life. Many men are unhappy with the small amount of sperm they produce, and they shouldn’t put up with it.

With Semenax pills’ help, you can increase your sperm production during orgasm and make your sex extremely impressive. For any man, impressing a sexual partner with ejaculation is a lifelong dream. With the help of Semenax, this dream can become a reality.

I can compare my sex life before and after taking Semenax, and the difference is truly enormous. I was always overwhelmed with my sexual desires, and I wanted to become a better lover. But my dreams and reality didn’t match.

In a certain way, this made me depressed because I did not see the return from sex, in which I invested so much energy. My sexual partners were unhappy since my orgasm wasn’t spectacular and emotional.

Everything changed for me once I could replicate what adult film stars do. Long-lasting orgasm and ejaculation drove my sex partners crazy. You have to imagine yourself with new sexual opportunities, which you can achieve with Semenax.

Order Semenax now and get 10% OFF your purchase using code “SAVE10”

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