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Romanticizing Mental Illnesses: Why It’s Popular

If you look back to history, you will notice that just a few years ago, mental ailments were stigmatized. People were scared and embarrassed to admit suffering from depression, stress, anxiety, or similar problems. However, the situation has changed drastically in a matter of years. Currently, an increasing number of young people start romanticizing similar disorders, making them look glamorous.

Is it typical of you? Have you ever felt satisfied and impressed with the anxiety symptoms? Check an essay on health to read the article to acknowledge all the possible outcomes.

Different Opinions on the Same problem

It is impossible to deny that every college student has experienced depressing symptoms of mental issues at some point. However, the way people deal with problems varies a lot. While some learners dive into studying and start searching for an assignmentconsultancy.com review just to stay busy, others relish the condition and take a maximum of it.

Have you ever heard the phrase “bitterly desired and sweet”? It explains the feeling some people have, experiencing depression, anxiety, anorexia, bulimia, and similar mental ailments. Is this tendency devastating? How is it possible to improve the situation?

Why Are Mental Illnesses Romanticized?

We live in a dangerous culture, where important topics, like mental health ailments, are widely trivialized. Consequently, an increasing number of people, specifically young ones, romanticize such disorders. Some of them seek attention, love, and appreciation, while others want to prove that they are strong and stress-resistant.

What are other reasons why people love to be depressed and anxious? If you ask any of your college friends, they will prove that the tendency of mental illness romanticization is spreading fast these days. There are numerous factors that make students love the state of being depressed:

  • Recovery can make you more successful. Mass media influence people, their mood, and behavior. Everyone strives to emphasize worthiness and uniqueness, which contribute to advanced self-esteem. Needless to say, an impressive story of a student who has fought anxiety or depression disorders will never leave the audience indifferent.
  • You will feel special. Mental disorders separate people from others, providing them with the unique feeling of being special, which is a dream of literally every college student. As a result, vulnerable people start thinking that similar problems can make them more appreciated, important, and valued.
  • You may enjoy being a “victim.” Do you remember your childhood, when your mom took care of you only because you felt bad? The situation with mental disorders is frequently the same. People feel maximum care, love, and affection from friends and relatives so that they start enjoying the condition.

Simple Solutions of the Complicated Problem

No matter why you suffer from mental disorders, it is inevitable to find easy and effective ways to overcome the devastating symptoms. Fortunately, there are several ways to deal with the problem, achieving the desired results:

  • Improve your awareness of the problem. Mental disorders are dangerous, and their symptoms should be treated. Find interesting facts about the problem to stay informed of possible outcomes.
  • Focus on studying. Have you got a lot of tasks to be accomplished? Look through philosophy essays to increase your chances to succeed with the most challenging tasks. Master your skills and advance knowledge so that you do not have time to enjoy your anxiety.


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