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How to select a daycare for your kids?

Are you looking for the right day care for your child and feeling crazy after hours of research?  What do parents see in day care?  Well, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision which only aggravates the problem that you are already feeling about staying away from your child!

Sending your young children to day care is a difficult time for parents.  However, this is often unavoidable, especially in nuclear families where both spouses have a full-time job. Although nanny care is popular in some families, it can cause intense anxiety in others. After all, they are leaving their child alone with someone they know very little about, even if they come with references.

  1. 1. Easy location

Not to mention that a daycare near me  or workplace is your best bet.  If your baby is very young, proximity will ensure that you can breastfeed or see him every two hours. Some workplaces now offer corporate daycare solutions so that working mothers can return to their jobs. For example, KLAY School, which successfully operates 35-day care facilities across India, provides on-site day care on office premises.

  1. Best Teacher Child Ratio

To ensure that your child receives enough individual attention, make sure that the ratio of teacher to child in daycare is not too low.  A 1: 3 ratio is healthy for babies up to 16 months. This means that there is a dedicated teacher or child care professional for each batch of 3 children.

  1. Essential child care facilities

Whether you’re looking at a large or medium-sized organization, here’s a must-see list for parental childcare:

Adult supervision at all times and places

   *Trained staff and child care professionals

   “Toys, books, toys and creative activities (and no, TV is no option!)

   *Available medical facilities, as well as the ability to deal with potty accidents

   *Clean bedding, furniture and furnishings.

   *Power backup

   “Open spaces and playgrounds for sports activities

  1. Positive reference and reputation

It is important to do your research when choosing a daycare. Ask in your social circle – family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Go to the Internet and browse through daycare classified listings. Only move forward if you are convinced that the daycare you are choosing has a good reputation, is well established, is safe, and is loved by your peers in the community.

  1. Proper health and medical facilities

 Poor health and accidents come without notice. The pace of health services in the daycare you choose should be fast.  Check that the staff has been trained in first aid and follows basic hygiene such as hand washing, disinfection of floors and toys, and use of environmentally friendly products. Cross ventilation and supervised open spaces are indications of a good day care center.


They may be available at childcare centers, public libraries, churches, or leisure centers. Find your local listing to see what programs are being offered throughout the year, says Young. It’s a great way to entertain your kids for free.”

There is no right way to manage the high cost of childcare. But with some planning, research and creativity, you may be able to find the right strategy for your family.


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