How to Choose Glasses for Virtual Reality Chats

 One of the most relevant, at all times in modern history, the field of entertainment — erotics, combined with the latest achievements in VR technologies, has made a qualitatively new step in its evolution. Now it’s not just videos and pictures. Now it is a whole ecosystem with almost unlimited development opportunities. One of its components is VR chats with models that can be selected according to different parameters.

Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Headset?

When it comes to VR chats, there are only two problems: finding a secluded spot with a securely locked door and choosing a headset. Chatting in virtual reality at is technically not much different from watching other VR and 360 videos. However, it should be understood that in the ordinary video for virtual headsets, the requirements for quality and recording technologies are not as high as in virtual chats.

If ideal conditions are not met, then participation in VR chats with beautiful models will not give a feeling of complete immersion and presence. To do this, it is important to choose the right headset. For the viewer to experience new feelings by chatting in virtual reality, special technologies are needed. A person has binocular vision, which means that the natural 3D effect that we observe in everyday life can only be achieved using a technique that imitates human vision.

Various Options Are Available

For the first wow effect, the simplest VR headset is enough. It is enough to buy any headsett and throw a smartphone into it. As with watching movies in VR, the resolution is an influential factor. The higher it is, the better — otherwise there is no immersion. So if you use a smartphone, then with a high-quality bright screen, so that at least a thousand dots per eye come out in width. The best options in different price categories are as follows:

  • Samsung Gear VR offers a 101-degree field of view, a beautiful picture, and a comfortable head strap to keep your hands free while you watch videos. Unfortunately, you will also need one of Samsung’s compatible smartphones.
  • HOMiDO is a favorite in the budget VR market, offering exceptional comfort and quality at a very low price. The best feature of this headset is the built-in button that allows you to control your smartphone without taking it out of its case.
  • BlitzWolf VR is compatible with any smartphone from 4.7 to 6 inches. There are adjustable head straps to keep your hands free. This budget device even has the function of adjusting the interpupillary distance.

VR is sweeping the planet with leaps and bounds and, oddly enough, will soon displace conventional erotics from the stage. If the advent of 3D porn didn’t surprise the industry at the time, the entry into the VR headset industry just launched it to a whole new level of realism. This allowed VR chats to gain popularity and their fans around the world.



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