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Do My Acne Outbreaks Need a 4% or 10 Benzoyl Peroxide Wash?

If you’ve had acne for any length of time, then there’s more than an average chance that you will, at some point, have used a 4% or 10 benzoyl peroxide wash to keep it under control. We’re not talking about a new product by any means, but it still remains one of the most potent weapons against the problem. 

Benzoyl Peroxide Products Come as 4% or 10% Varieties

When browsing the drug store aisles for acne treatments, you’ll typically find benzoyl peroxide products that come in a 4% strength or a 10% strength. You see, that’s precisely what you’re deciding between : strength a.k.a. concentration of the active acne-busting ingredient. 

You’ll find these strengths being sold without any kind of prescription, as these ‘over-the-counter’ products are safe for everyday use, but only if you choose the right option from the 4% and 10 benzoyl peroxide wash products that exist to deal with acne issues.

So, How to Tell Which One’s Right For You

The manifestation of acne can vary a lot from person to person, with how a person’s acne behaves going a long way to answer this question. The first bit of advice we’d give you is that you should be testing things out, especially if you’re new to this kind of product. 

To begin with, if your acne is mild to moderate, we’d first recommend trying a 4% option, rather than a 10 benzoyl peroxide wash. You need to be cautious initially, as you don’t want to use something that’s too harsh for your skin type.

If, after having used the 4% wash option, you have no adverse reactions, then you should perhaps listen to what your skin is telling you. That said, it needs also to be controlling your acne, so if it could do better in that regard, it’s an indication that you might need to go up a level. 

Of course, everyone’s different, so you really need to keep practicing trial and error until you find that sweet spot where you’re getting the optimum effect without irritation.

Is Benzoyl Peroxide Wash Suitable For Everyone?

Actually, no it’s not, as those with sensitive skin can often find that it’s simply too harsh for their delicate complexion. Talking to your dermatologist is a wise move before using any products like these, especially as around 1% of people are allergic to it. 

Caution Is Key When Using 4 or 10 Benzoyl Peroxide Wash 

Benzoyl peroxide products are fantastic for disrupting the acne cycle, allowing for a breakout-free, smooth complexion. However, that doesn’t mean you can skip the testing phase of using any new product you apply to the skin. The last thing you want is to make things worse.

Sure, it’s not a product that works for everyone, but for the overwhelming majority, regular use leads to blemish-free, smooth, healthy skin. It’s just that you have to get the right concentration.

Listen to your skin always, as if it’s healthy, calm and acne-free, you’re likely to be using the right products for your needs. If not, then a little more cautious trial and error might be in order.


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