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Dispensaries vs Delivery: The Easiest Way to Get Weed

Marijuana and the marijuana market have been around, indeed, for ages. That being said, it was much more recently that cannabis, mary jane, grass, flower, or whatever you’d like to call it has become a genuinely socially-accepted and lawful indulgence. The science backs marijuana in various medical cases, and was largely popularized as an addition to cancer-treatment programs to combat nausea while stimulating appetite. From there, its accepted medical uses expanded greatly. Additionally, many consumers simply use cannabis recreationally. There are some differences between the benefits that medical patients and recreational users see and some differences in applicable laws. For instance, a state can legalize the use of medical marijuana without legalizing its use on a recreational level.

If you don’t know whether or not your state has legalized marijuana on a recreational or medical level, it’s essential to have this information before shopping around. A quick google search like “dispensary near me open” should result in all of the necessary information for which you’re looking, including the legality, and distance from your current location.

Dispensary Locations

In deciding whether or not you should get your weed directly from the dispensary or through a delivery service, really depends on your location. Your location is going to influence this decision in a few ways. First and foremost, if you’re living in a state where marijuana and its use is still illegal, you won’t have either of the options available to you.

With that out of the way, there are still other factors that your location brings to the table when it comes to making this decision between going to the dispensary and utilizing a delivery service. The next thing to consider is the distance between your dwelling and the dispensary. In the instance that you live within walking distance to a dispensary, it might make sense to order for pick-up through the online store, and just walk or bike on over whenever is convenient.

On the other hand, if you live all the way across town, and it’s the middle of rush-hour, making a trip to the dispensary may not be the most convenient thing in the world. This is when a delivery service could come in handy if it’s available.

Ordering Online

To make placing and receiving cannabis orders easy and convenient users should absolutely do their shopping online. This is true for both pick-up orders placed through the dispensary, as well as orders placed for delivery. When shopping through the dispensary, consumers have the option of shopping and ordering online, or walking into the dispensary and making their purchase decisions there on-site. This gives consumers the ability to consult with a cannabis-industry-professional if they need, and also grants them further access to additional pertinent product-information.

With delivery services, on the other hand, there is no brick-and-mortar counterpart. Rather, all of the shopping and ordering is done virtually and through an online marketplace. Then, the bundled order is delivered to your doorstep, and you never have to leave the house or put on pants.

Delivery Services

Weed delivery services are extremely convenient and have gained immediate traction with consumers. Not only does this save the consumer a trip to the dispensary, which can often have long lines or be along a high-traffic route, but they also offer the same volume of product options from which consumers can choose at an equally competitive price that dispensaries offer.

The only caveat with cannabis delivery services is that they aren’t yet everywhere. Like with other immediate-delivery services, weed delivery is a very regional-specific service. But, while the country continues warming up to cannabis as an industry, weed delivery is soon to be just as normal as ordering a pizza for delivery.

Which is Easier: Dispensary or Delivery

When it comes down to it, comparing weed dispensary pick-ups with weed-delivery services, weed delivery is the more convenient option. With a similar selection of products and dispensary-competitive pricing, weed delivery makes getting your medicine, flower, concentrate, or edibles as easy as possible by clicking a few buttons.

That said, weed delivery services are still a new addition to the cannabis market and need some time to ramp and expand in more locations. However, getting weed delivered may be much easier than picking it up at the dispensary as soon as this happens.

Wrapping Up

While marijuana is still illegal federally, many states are opening their arms to the industry for several reasons. Medical, consumer, and state-tax benefits come into play, and it is a genuinely booming industry.

The cannabis industry will be a staple piece of the economy for decades to come and is slowly becoming accepted by more and more states throughout the country. As such, dispensaries and weed delivery services will soon follow.


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