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A celebration of the life of the famous Southland mountain lion P-22 will take place on Saturday, February 4th, honoring the cat that made Griffith Park home and the face of the endangered Southern California lion . Let’s take a look at some of the species that go by several names, including mountain lions, pumas, and cougars.

cougar facts

Lifespan Mountain lions can typically live about 12 years in the wild and up to 25 years in captivity.

Status Not endangered, but protected

Top speed 40 mph

LEAP (maximum) 16 feet

Males and Females Males are about 35% larger, up to 9 feet from tip to tail, and weigh up to 150 pounds. Men travel alone most of the time. Females sometimes travel with cubs.

Hunting They are most active at night, but may hunt and migrate during the day. Ranges vary from 10 to 370 square miles, depending on opportunity and population. An adult cougar should eat deer about every 16 days, while a mother of three cubs should eat deer every nine days.

Family life Cougars can breed year-round, but most births occur between December and July. A female can start breeding when she is two years old, and usually in one litter she gives birth to no more than four kittens. Newborns are typically about 1 foot long and weigh 1 pound. Men do not participate in child care.

CATS EYES cougar has excellent night vision. Their peripheral vision is 287 degrees. A typical human’s peripheral vision is about 200 degrees.

SCAT mountain lion poop may contain bones, teeth and animal hair. They are typically about an inch and a quarter in diameter. They have been known to leave waste in the area to mark their kills.

when you see them

Hiking in Groups If you are in mountain lion country, travel with other people whenever possible. Make noise (to avoid stalking cougars) and stay close to your children at all times. Even if his calm-speaking mountain lion is even less likely to approach, don’t run away. Talk to the animal firmly, but give it an escape route. Most mountain lions want to avoid conflict with humans. Other prohibitions Do not run. Don’t turn your back. GET BIG Make yourself look as big as possible. raise your arms. Keep small children from picking up and running. FIGHT BACK Throw stones and sticks as needed. Cougars have been shunned by prey that isn’t supposed to be easy to kill.

LEAP (longest) Cougars are not as fast as cheetahs, nor as strong as jaguars. They thrive because of their amazing jumping abilities. A running start cougar can jump 45 feet in one leap.

The mountain lion is the largest wildcat in North America. Its range extends from British Columbia to Central America. Species from our region are rarely found east of the Mississippi.

More than half of California is home to mountain lions, but many people are unaware of the mountain lion’s natural behavior and range. Pumas are solitary and generally avoid people.

Los Angeles is the only large city in North America with big cats within its limits.

A subspecies known as the Florida Panther that lives in Florida is critically endangered, with fewer than 100 remaining in the wild.

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