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Buy Testolone Rad 140 Sarm: Testolone Cycle, Dosage, Side Effects, Before and After Results

For as long we can imagine, men crave power and a utopian physique that appeals to others to take them as a motivation for life. Such types of men are involved with bodybuilding career and thus ends up using steroids and SARMs.

Sarms sales are rising ever since 2018 introduced too many research chemicals that claimed to have less side effects than steroids. Is it really true that Sarms are the safest choice for bodybuilding?

Professional athletes and bodybuilders have always been using steroids for muscle growth but when you treat your body like a war machine through injecting chemicals, it fights back because of the danger you are putting in it.

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About Testolone RAD140- What is it?

Testolone is the common name for RAD140 which was first made by Radius Health, Inc. the popular name Testolone is attached to this Sarm because of its unique anabolic action.

RAD140 is a research chemical or Selective Androgenic Receptor Modulator that exerts anabolic effects to only a particular set of the receptor. Testolone was first designed to prevent muscle wasting disease due to its testosterone-enhancing effects, later on, the drug was utilized to treat various health problems such as Breast Cancer.

Here’s How to Use RAD140 Testolone Sarms?

For anyone who wants to perform a safe RAD140 cycle, here is you do it. You need to design a cycle and dosage that needs to be maintained at any cost. According to the experts, Testolone’s 0.1mg/kg is the safest dose for most people. Raising the bars for dosage could be slightly closer to the side effects.

For new users, the dose of Testolone Sarm is between 8-10 mg per day that should be carried for the whole 6-8 weeks. Professional bodybuilders could take 20 mg RAD140 every day for 10 weeks. For someone who wants to use Testolone more than once daily, he should divide the single dosage into two and take them apart each day.

Testolone cycle should not exceed 10 weeks because of the side effects. Within the first week, aggression and exhaustion levels are known to increase with RAD140.

 What Can You Expect from RAD140 Testolone Sarm? The Results

If taken under controlled manner and with daily exercise, RAD140 results can be observed within the first two weeks of the cycle, these are:

  • Elevation in Testosterone Levels: The first thing RAD140 does is activates the testosterone hormone in the body that triggers energy supply and full execution of physical tasks.
  • No Steroid-like Effects: RAD140 is not a steroid and therefore no steroidal side effects are involved. Under a regular regimen, testolone is highly beneficial for bodybuilders than steroids.
  • Quick Results: Testolone is a popular Sarm because it has rapid muscle-building effects.
  • Preservation of Lean Mass: One thing that many compounds cannot do is the retention of lean mass which gets burns along with the fat. RAD140 maintains the testosterone levels as you intend to make more mass rather than losing them.
  • Energy and Stamina Boost: Testolone having boosting effects on energy levels and endurance. With the same body, you could start lifting heavy-weights in only 4 WEEKS.

Side Effects of RAD140 (Testolone)

Below mentioned are the side-effects you could get from using RAD140.

  • Suppression of Natural Testosterone: Consuming artificial testosterone chemicals repeatedly from the external source may risk the natural development of this hormone-hence causing dependency.
  • Taking performance-enhancing drugs such as Testolone has negative effects too. Exercise for long and consuming RAD140 for a long time sometimes leads to a high degree of muscle pain.
  • With too much energy enhancement, a person feels aggression even if he is not up to something. This can be very uneasy or mentally torturing at times.
  • Headache is the continuous side effect of RAD140 that occurs with sickness feelings.
  • Skin problems can also be noticed with RAD140 i.e. discoloration, spots, and marks on the skin.

RAD140 Testolone vs RADBULK

This is proven by many studies that Sarms DO have negative effects on your health. Why wouldn’t it be? Since they are still experimental drugs used in critical conditions. During RAD140’s first clinical trials, users experienced a severe liver injury because of its metabolism. These side effects were reversed after stopping the supplement for 3 months. The main reason for RAD140 use is the quick results and as you can get recovered from the side effects but the results will also.

This invites RADBULK supplement to enter your exercise regimen. 

What is RADBULK?

Like legal steroids, RADBULK is a legal Sarm that is used for insane power and muscles. The company’s design RADBULK has huge respect from its users, the supplement claims to mimic the Testolone mechanism without the side effects. RADBULK formula contains maximum bulking agents that promote faster muscle development and recovery.

RADBULK introduces a unique metabolism in the body that keeps the fat cells minimum whole preserving iron-hard lean mass.

Who Makes RADBULK? Is it legal?

Muscle Club Limited introduced the best Sarms alternatives that are legally sold online. Under the name “Brutal Force”, the RADBULK supplement is consumed by beginners and professional bodybuilders for best gym results. Brutal Force Sarms including RADBULK is a natural supplement to ease muscle fatigue for you and at the same time increases testosterone levels, the key for enhancing endurance and stamina.

Inside RADBULK Formula- RADBULK Ingredients

100% safely picked and researched ingredients are combined in the sense to make RADBULK the best version of Testolone RAD140. This equips RADBULK with a plethora of bodybuilding benefits without the side effects. As transparent as the formula of RADBULK really is, there are ingredients you would see used in RADBULK that might be also found in the best bodybuilding supplements of 2021.

These are:

  • Sunflower Seed Extract 126 mg
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL 300 mg
  • Wild Yarn Powder 300 mg
  • DMAE Bitartrate 150 mg
  • Choline Bitartrate 300 mg

RADBULK Benefits

Now that you have found a safe version for RAD140, let’s discuss the main benefits you can obtain from it.

  • Iron-hard muscles with vascularity
  • Extreme strength
  • Heightened libido (sex drive)
  • Support high endurance and stamina
  • Supercharges weight-lifting skills with limitless stamina
  • Fast recovery process

How to Use RADBULK?

RADBULK is not like taking injections and involves any painful methods. Simply, 2 capsules of RADBULK is taken 45 minutes before workout with a glass of water. According to the company, using RADBULK with Suitable Diet and Exercise Program.

It is also stated at the official site that RADBULK must be used for 2 months minimum for the best results.

How to Buy RADBULK- Pricing and Refund Policy

The price was $79.99 but now it is $59.99 only. RADBULK offering discounts on its new introduction in the market that sells a single bottle at a discounted price. Also, you can get a maximum discount if you choose to buy 2-3 bottles of the RAD140 alternative.

Stacking up RADBULK is much easier than stacking RAD140 Testolone with Ligandrol or Stenabolic which can be heavily risky to the health.

Brutal Force is so confident over RADBULK so they have a 100-day money-back guarantee offer, for all unsatisfied users. 

How RADBULK Pros and Cons are measured?

As per the user’s affordability, convenience, and results expected, we found RADBULK pros and cons listed below.


  • Legal, effective and easily available RAD140 alternative
  • Not steroid or have chemicals
  • Dietary supplement for muscle building
  • No liquid sachet or injectables
  • Delivers worldwide without shipping charges
  • Get 3rd item for free on every purchase of two
  • Confirms 100-day money-back guarantee


  • Not available at physical shops nearby
  • Not available at online shops i.e Walmart, Amazon, GNC, etc
  • Only found at the official Brutal Force webpage

RADBULK (RAD-140 Testolone Alternative) Review- Should You Buy It?

Using RAD140 Testolone only means you are hurting your body from inside without even knowing. After getting banned by the FDA, many SARMs are still being supplied to the bodybuilders from the unauthentic markets. Delivering Testolone results is nearly impossible for a natural supplement but at least the combination of multiple herbs could make 40% of the results still.

RADBULK is a superiorly devoted muscle-building supplement that tries its best to deliver you Testolone results without the significant side effects. All RADBULK ingredients are tested, evaluated, and examined under clinical studies approved by the FDA and aims for the best muscle-building objectives. With RADBULK, you would get:

  • FREE SHIPPING: We offer free delivery worldwide. Any restrictions will be highlighted during checkout.
  • 100% MONEY BACK: Return any unused and unopened Brutal Force products within 100 days for a 100% refund.
  • 24/7 SUPPORT: If you need product support our world-class customer service team is available around the clock.


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