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Angelica Oil 101: Everything to Know About the Holy Spirit Root

Angelica oil has been in use for centuries for curing a wide variety of ailments, along with soothing inflammation and skin irritation. From the times of the Black Plague in Europe to the skincare products of today, this essential oil has not lost its popularity even after years of usage for several reasons. So, today let’s take a closer look at all the things that make angelica oil for hair so special.

The multiple benefits of using Angelica essential oil

The popularity of Angelica essential oil stems from the fact that it comes with a host of diverse benefits, such as:

Makes your hair healthier:

The Chinese have used Angelica root in their hair loss treatments for centuries. It is enriched with vitamin E, which helps to stimulate oxygen circulation in the scalp and the body. Moreover, it promotes metabolism and replenishes the supply of nutrients in the body, which are crucial processes for hair growth. It helps in oxidizing blood and that eventually aids in the oxidation of the hair cells. Moreover, using angelica oil for hair promotes faster regeneration of the damaged hair cells.

Cleansing your skin:

Angelica oil can be utilized to treat different skin conditions and turn the skin healthier, clearer, and softer. You can make a cleansing face wash by mixing two cups of aloe vera juice with eight drops of Angelica oil. The same mix can be helpful in clearing acne and to some extent even prevent them from coming back.

Digestive benefits of Angelica oil:

It promotes digestion by ensuring the stimulation of digestive juices like bile and acid in the stomach. Also, it promotes the right movement of your food through your intestines and allows easier absorption of that digested food through intestinal villi.

Improvement of hepatic function:

Angelica essential oil can protect the liver and make it function better by stimulating the secretions from the liver. Also, it protects the liver from common infections and helps to heal any wounds present in it.

Emmenagogue qualities of Angelica oil

The oil is known to trigger the opening of menstrual obstruction to make it a lot more regular. So, as an added bonus, one would also get relief from all other symptoms related to periods, such as fatigue, vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramps, and headaches.

Expectorant to clear the respiratory tracts

Angelica oil is an expectorant that clears the accumulated phlegm present in the respiratory tracts. Also, it fights the kind of infections that lead to common cold. Thus, it offers relief from lung congestion, sinusitis, cough and cold.

Angelica oil to reduce fever

It is known to have the ability to reduce fever by fighting the kind of infections that lead to the fever. The diuretic and diaphoretic properties of the oil are also to be credited for this effect because removing waste and toxins from the body can speed up the infections’ recovery time.

A tonic for your nerves

Angelica oil is like a tonic for your nerves. It can relieve nervous afflictions and strengthen the nerves. Since it is a stimulant and relaxant, the oil sedates all nervous afflictions and soothes them in situations of hyper-reactivity.

An effective relaxant

Angelica oil comes with a relaxing impact on the mind and the body. It is particularly beneficial during the times of hypertension, anger, anxiety, depression, and shock.

Stimulant for several bodily functions

Angelica oil acts as a stimulant for different bodily systems. It can stimulate blood circulation, along with the secretion of enzymes, hormones, and other such juices. It stimulates different metabolic processes as well, such as digestion and absorption.

Angelica oil as a tonic

Angelica essential oil ensures the complete development of health, strengthens the body’s immune system, and boosts growth.

What exactly is Angelica essential oil used for?

The popular uses of Angelica essential oil can be separated into three categories:


Due to its capacity to flush out toxins from the body, this essential oil can detox your skin. Constant accumulation of impurities in the skin tissues and blood can cause rosacea, puffiness, and pigmentation, along with a host of other skin care problems. When you stimulate blood circulation by banishing such harmful elements through Angelica oil, you leave your skin healthier.


Angelica essential oil comes with several soothing qualities. When used topically, it helps to calm down the epidermis and that heals problems like breakouts and eczema. Clove oil and Chamomile oil are some other essential oils with similar qualities.


Lackluster, dull skin can make you look and feel tired, and Angelica oil is the ideal remedy to reignite the lost skin radiance. Due to its wonderful chemical properties that help in restoring the microbial balance, your skin is revitalized and renewed.

Where is Angelica essential oil sourced from?

The Angelica plant has small, beautiful white-green flowers and is a water-loving, big herb. It originated from Africa, though it is now found in parts of Asia and eastern and northern Europe. Angelica essential oil gets extracted from the seeds and roots through the procedure of steam distillation.

A brief history of Angelica oil

When it comes to the history of the Angelica plant, the first thing to mention is the reason behind its name. It’s called ‘Angelica’ because it usually flowers right around May 8, which happens to be the day of St Michael the Archangel. This is why this delicate plant is usually found in churches and monasteries where it is called the ‘Angel Grass’ or ‘Holy Spirit Root.’

Angelica plant also served as an early remedy when the infamous Black Plague swept across Europe. It was introduced through royal prescriptions because it was considered to be an antidote. In Lapland, Angelica garlands were offered to poets with the hope that its enchanting aroma will offer literary inspiration.

The bottom line

The benefits of using Angelica essential oil are undeniable. But you need to find the right essential oil in order to enjoy all those benefits. Adulterated and impure essential oil offers little to no benefits to your health.

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