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Alternative Therapies to Cope With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a condition that not only affects the quality of life of the one that suffers it but also the person’s closest social circle. Commonly, this condition appears because of an injury, medical treatment, or disease. More than 10% of the global population suffers from it, and it can even cause disability. Painkillers are the principal treatment to reduce chronic pain, but they can cause addiction, gastrointestinal or kidney problems.

Therefore, finding other options that will help you to reduce pain without the need for pills, is a must. If you’re in the quest of finding alternative methods to cope with ache such as using the most effective pain patch, then you have come to the right article. We know how stressful and frustrating can be to live with this type of condition. Keep reading and find your new ally to counteract chronic pain.

  1. Acupuncture

Do you know what is acupuncture and what are its benefits? The needles used in acupuncture are applied to stimulate the peripheral nerve fibers. Several imaging studies have shown and proven that acupuncture stimulation activates descending pain inhibitory structures. Hence, this alternative treatment would be ideal for pain control.

Also, people that use this traditional Chinese medicine method claim that it can help with depression, anxiety, PMS, allergies, and neuralgia. Go ahead and give it a try to acupuncture, and remember that it’s no magic; it can take a few sessions to start feeling way better. The key with almost any treatment is that you’re constant and patient with it.

  1. Meditation

Meditation helps people to focus on the present and cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. Some studies reveal that meditation can be an ally to reduce chronic pain. When you meditate constantly, the parts of your brain that send pain messages have less response. Hence, meditation can be a good alternative to cope with aches.

Take into count that chronic pain not only affects physically but also emotionally. Experiencing an emotional crisis due to constant pain is one of the main issues that a person that suffers from it should face. It can be worse in men because one of the challenges facing men’s mental health is the stigma of asking for help. Hence, you can also use meditation to manage your emotions.

  1. Aromatherapy

Essential oils are the main component used for any aromatherapy treatment. These plant extracts are used due to their therapeutic benefits. When these scents are inhaled, the molecules travelled from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain. These oils are commonly used for insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of certain plants, essential oils can also reduce pain levels in people who use aromatherapy. Mixing it with other alternative methods can potentiate the effects to mitigate pain. Essential oils can be absorbed also through the skin. However, you need to pay attention when applying them topically because if not used correctly, they can burn the skin or cause allergic reactions.

  1. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy combines several techniques that will help you to reduce constant pain. It mixes manual therapy, exercises, heat/cold, ultrasound, electrostimulation, and other methods to manage pain. Commonly, a therapy session will last an hour, where the physiotherapist will give you useful advice to cope with the pain.

The best part of this alternative method to painkillers is you’ll get educated about your condition. The professional will ensure that you understand the type of injury or pain that you’re feeling, and you’ll work together to strengthen your body and avoid aches. Physiotherapy can also help to recover mobility and rehabilitate you, in case you have suffered an accident.

  1. Homeopathy

If you’re not familiar with homeopathy, then let us introduce you to the topic. Homeopathy is a treatment that involves minimum doses of natural substances (like plant extract and minerals) to heal people. Some of these substances can be helpful to mitigate chronic pain. That’s the reason why plenty of people use it as an alternative method to coping with aches.

Using homeopathy is safe, and it won’t do any harm to you. Make sure just to mention any allergy or intolerance to the professional of the health that will prepare your homeopathic medicines.

Stay in Move and Healthy

Chronic pain may affect other aspects of your life, like relationships, work, etc. We know how challenging it can be to live with constant aches; however, don’t neglect yourself. Keep moving, go for a walk, stretch, or do any physical activity that your doctor recommends. Remember that having a good immune system is a must, more now that COVID-19 is in our lives. That’s a strong reason to get your flu shot and any vaccine that will avoid complications if you get infected.

Eat healthily, have enough vegetables, fruits, and whole grains in your diet. Avoid super processed food as much as you can. That might not be the solution for chronic pain, but these actions will avoid adding other diseases and complications to your current condition.

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