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7 Ways To Improve Your Health In 2022

In the New Year, a lot of people make resolutions with the right intentions but many often fall by the wayside as the year passes. Forming resolutions is only the first step towards achieving a healthy life but it is not all. You must have a standard to work toward and you will be able to achieve the goal. Over the past two years, we have realized that nothing is as important as good health and if you do not pay attention to it, you may end up regretting the decisions you made. Being healthy is not as difficult as it sounds. You must take the right step to improve your health in 2022. Here are a few steps you must consider.

  1. Reduce weight

 If you are overweight, losing only 10% of the bodyweight will have several health benefits, including a low risk for cholesterol, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis as well as sleep apnea. You can determine your ideal weight through the calculation of your body mass index. When the BMI is higher than 25, you must make a serious effort to lose weight by cutting the calories and working out regularly. Do not aim to lose weight rapidly as it will not keep it off unless you follow an exercise program with caloric restriction. It is not healthy to diet for a few weeks and reduce weight rapidly because you will gain weight in the same fashion after you stop dieting.

 2. Engage in physical activity

It is important to try to get at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity like walking, running, or cycling on most days of the week. It could be one long period of activity or bouts of different activities a few times a week. You could choose to walk for 15 minutes twice a day and go swimming for 30 minutes on the next day. Engage in any physical activity you enjoy but it should amount to at least 150 minutes of activity every week.

  1. Eat and sleep well

Diet and sleep have an important role to play in your body. You must try to consume at least five to six servings of vegetables and fruits every day. Try to limit snacks and sugary drinks and avoid trans fats. Make it a point to read the labels before you buy anything from the supermarket. Start your diet with a healthy breakfast that includes fruits and plan your meals in advance so you do not consume snacks middle of the day. Additionally, have a sleep schedule and always stick to it. Set a fixed time to sleep and follow it, try to avoid the screen at least 1 hour before your bedtime. You can use the blue light blocking light bulbs to create the right ambiance in the bedroom. If you have difficulty in sleeping, try melatonin.

  1. Quit tobacco and limit alcohol

 Do not start smoking and even if you do, you should make the right efforts to quit. It is the worst health habit and will do no good to your health and body. It is never too late to stop smoking as it will reduce the risk of heart problems. You might find it difficult in the beginning but you should attempt. If you have a habit of alcohol consumption, limit it to no more than one drink in a day because alcohol can increase the risk of cancer and lead to liver problems.

  1. Take care of your skin

You can increase the vitamin D levels in your body without increasing the risk of cancer. This can be done by limiting the sun exposure to no more than 20 minutes every day. No matter the season, sunscreen is important. Try to avoid the midday sun and protect your skin with a shirt, hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses. Excess exposure to UV rays can lead to an increased risk of skin cancer.

  1. Supplement with vitamins

 After the age of 30, all of us need supplements and it is important to have the right balance in your body. You can get a blood test done and based on the results, take the right vitamins. You can consume vitamin B12 and D3 regularly to protect yourself from developing dementia and Alzheimer’s. Some people may also need to take omega 3 every day for its anti-inflammatory properties. However, do not take any supplements until you have had a blood test and the results show a deficiency. You can also speak to a professional for the right dosage.

  1. Socialise

It helps to be a part of a social group, club, or even volunteer to keep your body and mind active. Try to keep your brain engaged in any form. You can include activities like sudoku or crossword puzzles in your routine. Try to learn a new language or pursue a hobby to keep the mind sharp.

These are a few ways you can improve your health this year and for the years going forward.


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