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6 Benefits and Downsides to CBD Bath Bombs 

There’s nothing like turning down the lights, lighting a few candles, pouring a cup of tea (or wine!), and settling into a hot bath. Bathtime is the ultimate symbol of self-care, and bath bombs are an excellent way to elevate the experience.

 But while you’re at it, why not take it a step further? Bath bombs are great, but CBD bath bombs add an extra layer of benefit to an already good thing. Let’s take a look at six benefits (and a few downsides) to using CBD bath bombs.

Benefit #1: The Potential Pain Relieving Properties of CBD

 For athletes, runners, weight-lifters and the like, CBD bath bombs can be a lifesaver. Anyone who works out hard knows the soreness of the next day, when the body stiffens all over (after squat day it can even be hard to sit down!). This soreness is completely normal as the muscles break down and rebuild to a stronger body. But that doesn’t make it any more comfortable.

 A CBD bath can be just the thing to soothe and relax the muscles. The combination of hot water and the pain-relieving properties of CBD make it a winning combination. While CBD doesn’t work systemically when used topically, it does interact with CB2 receptors in the peripheral nervous system to bring temporary relief to painful areas.

Benefit #2: Anti-inflammatory Properties of CBD 

CBD is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Using CBD topically (as with a bath bomb) can potentially help relieve inflammatory pain for those with arthritis or fibromyalgia. There is also evidence of potential benefit at the skin level itself. These anti-inflammatory properties may also be skin-soothing for those with conditions like psoriasis or eczema.

Benefit #3: Combining CBD With Other Beneficial Ingredients 

Many of the quality CBD bath bombs you’ll find on the market also use other quality ingredients like baking soda (skin soothing), activated charcoal (detoxifying), epsom salts (muscle relaxing), and any number of essential oils for a relaxing bath. The cumulative effect of these various additions can really take your bath experience to the next level.

Benefit #4: Can Help You Sleep Better 

CBD has shown promise as a medium for reducing the symptoms of insomnia, although admittedly this is when ingested. However, when combined with a warm bath, and soothing essential oils like lavender, the topical application of CBD can be enough to prepare the body for a good night’s sleep. Especially when done in conjunction with other sleep rituals.

Benefit #5: Can Help You Relax and Unwind 

Another potential benefit of CBD that is being studied is it’s anti-anxiety effects. Using a CBD bath bomb with the already soothing bath time ritual is a powerful combination. Studies have shown that just being around water, not to mention immersing yourself in it, is extremely calming to the mind.

Benefit #6: An Investment In Yourself 

The price of CBD bath bombs will come up again in the downsides for obvious reasons. But first let’s take a look at the benefit of spending money on a self-care ritual. Things that we invest in, we tend to value more. If you purchase a bottle of fine wine, you’ll tend to savor each sip far more than you would a $20 bottle. It’s the same with anything. Don’t you feel just a little more special when you don a really nice piece of clothing you spent a bit extra on? 

Self care is extremely important. It’s an investment in yourself. And you can add value to the experience by treating yourself to something you might not usually spend money on. Something that is just for you. Really making a plan to invest in a weekly CBD bath, taking the time and money to make it a really special experience.

The Downside to CBD Bath Bombs 

There’s always a downside to anything, but the good news is that the downsides to CBD bath bombs aren’t always dealbreakers. In this section we’ll share some of the reasons you may not want to use them.

CBD Bath Bombs Can Be Expensive 

Let’s get real. Quality CBD products are going to be expensive. A typical cheap bath bomb will usually cost anywhere from 1-5 dollars. A CBD bath bomb bought from a reputable source is going to set you back anywhere from 12 to 20 dollars. The price will vary depending on the amount of CBD present in the bath bomb, as well as what other beneficial ingredients it offers. This is because, unlike typical bath bombs, the CBD variety offers true skin soothing and pain relief benefits. You’ll leave the bath feeling better than when you went in.

Because of the price, you may not be able to take CBD baths frequently. But even this is actually okay. By making it a once a week, bi-weekly, or monthly ritual, it actually adds value to the experience. That said, only you can decide whether the investment is worthwhile to you.

You’ll Have to do Some Research 

You can’t just buy any CBD bath bomb and call it good. Unfortunately, the CBD market is unregulated and it’s flooded with worthless products made by unscrupulous companies. You’ll have to do a bit of digging to find a company with a good reputation, who offers third party lab test results on all of its products.

CBD Benefits Are More Impactful When Taken Orally 

The studies that investigate the efficacy of CBD are currently inconclusive. There is a lot of excellent anecdotal evidence, and promising preliminary studies, but we’re not where we’d like to be. Scientists and researchers are scrambling to catch up to the popularity of the compound. And much of this research is done on the effects of taking CBD orally, or direct topical application.

Should I Try CBD Bath Bombs? 

The short answer is: Why not? CBD is extremely safe, and does have the potential to create a soothing, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving bath time experience. It’s worth the investment to try it, and if it turns out that it’s not for you, you’ve at least had a lovely and relaxing time investigating it.

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