4 Things You Must Tell Your Hairdresser Before They Get To Work

We have all had crazy experiences when it comes to getting a haircut. Most of the time, we go all prepared and know exactly what we want, but when we are in the chair, we simply go blank. Now, hairstylists are creative, but they are never psychic. So, unless you want to regret your haircut for the upcoming few weeks, you should start talking.

If you don’t know what and how to talk, were are here to help you. Below we have listed the top 4 points that you must discuss with your hairdresser. Now, if you wish to have a haircut that you would love, keep reading…

4 things to convey to your hairdresser

  1. Tell what you exactly want

Any good hairdresser will understand what you desire as soon as you start talking. Then again, before dreaming about miraculously turning into a celebrity, be a little realistic. Your hair are unique just like you, and hence the cut or the color you want might not exactly suit your hair type. So, talk about the style you want, but even discuss if it will suit you or not.

  1. Discuss your lifestyle and hair care routine a little

Well, this may sound odd, but discussing how your usual day is and what do you do to maintain your hair in day-to-day life is crucial. This will give your hairdresser a clear idea about how well will you be able to maintain the desired haircut. Also, your hairdresser in Patterson Lakes will be able to recommend some styles that will suit your lifestyle and hair care routine the best.

  1. Share photos

There is a very specific lingo that hairdressers use and understand. If you aren’t aware of the right terms or don’t know how to describe the hairstyle you want, it is best to bring along pictures. You can either take screenshots or take a couple of photos from magazines as a guide to show your hairdresser.

  1. Ask about aftercare

When you are talking, make sure you even ask ample questions. Usually, hairstylists like to discuss hair care routines. They are open to giving suggestions and introducing you to the products they are about to use. Most of the products that they use are available to buy in the salon itself.

Things you should do before heading to any salon

  • If you are visiting a new salon, it is best if you go through their reviews. Most of the stylists have Instagram pages and thus you can check out their work there as well.
  • Wash your hair and remove any products that you have previously applied. This will ensure that your stylist gets to see your hair exactly as they are.

Lastly, every professional hairstylist recommends that you should not be afraid about talking to your hairstylist. Be as direct as possible. Don’t worry, you are not offending them, but making their job easier. Unless you two are not on the same page, you will not be fully satisfied with the outcome of your visit. So, feel free to discuss any and everything concerning your hair.


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