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Honbike HF01: The e-bike with no chains

Chainless e-bikes may not have really become popular with the masses, while they offer an easy and trouble-free riding experience for users. Honbike HF01 is almost the only alternative to the conventional e-bikes that has better mileage without offering the need for constant chain lubrication and maintenance. The moving power for the rear wheels gets directly passed to it through a moving axis that is integrated into the body parts.

For that reason, Honbike has managed to be the pioneer in the movement of chainless electric bike since people like to drive that odd vehicle that looks like a traditional bicycle without the presence of a metallic chain that is so common in our minds. Let’s take a better chance to know more about the chainless system and why it’s so popular among the new e-bikes users. Not all companies have managed to combine the shaft drive system with the mileage efficiency and the beautiful looks.

Chainless Means a Lot Less Maintenance

When there is no chain between the wheels and the body parts, it’s good to know that you will visit the mechanic’s store a lot fewer times. All these Honbike e-bike models require less maintenance since there is no actual friction between the pedals and the wheels’ gears. The innovative approach of a moving rod that takes the kinetic energy from the pedals and transfers the energy to another internal axis moving the real wheel is emblematic.

You may expect that you lose more energy in friction, but this is not the case with the honbike models. On the contrary, the axis has close to zero friction with each other, and that’s because they operate in a sealed environment where there is no touch with the external air. People who have tried these e-bikes believe that it’s so easy to accelerate with less effort and do so at a glance without the need to put more fatigue on their feet.

It Can Give you a Better Mileage For Your Efforts

When you drive a conventional e-bike, you know that the motor power, even though its electricity, needs to be transferred to the rear wheel through the chain. That poses a great threat to the stability of the whole vehicle. Not to mention, chances are higher of losing a lot of energy to heat when the friction develops between the chain and the pedals or the wheel gears.

With the new chainless electric bikes you are more likely to cover a better mileage every day no matter the type of terrain you choose. The chainless system cooperates well with every type of electric motor and directly transforms the electric energy into kinetic through the smart moving axis that is not visible to you. That freedom makes you use the Honbike a lot more frequently than before and make it your means of transportation of choice when moving within the city limits. It’s a new dawn with a brand new technology that will stay with us for several decades to come banning the old chains and making the fuel efficiency to thrive.

Chainless System Creates Less Friction and Better Battery Efficiency

With the introduction of the new chainless system, mechanics have proved that the mileage has been dramatically increased. The difference between the conventional e-bikes and the chainless ones can reach almost 30 miles in a single battery recharge. That is a tremendous help for all people who struggle with fuel prices and have moved towards the solution of e-bikes.

When you charge the battery, you may expect to cover 25 miles with the Honbike HF01, also you can buy an extra battery to double your range. Less friction between the moving parts gives you the chance to brag for the best performance of your transportation means. That is something that has made Honbike to take the world markets by storm and the sales of these chainless technology electric bikes to skyrocket. Every people who move within the city limits (and many more who want to exercise better in nature) choose the Honbike models to ensure they get the latest trendy bikes and have the assurance of the better mileage and warranty.

Riders Are Less Likely To Get Injured From the Moving Chain

In the previous conventional e-bike models, riders used to suffer from injuries that had to do with touching the moving chain during commuting. That could be a nasty cut and bleeding that would require acute medical care for the rider. There is no reason to worry about such incidents when you get the new Honbike chainfree e-bikes.

The way the motion gets from the pedals to the rear wheel is completely different. Finally, there is no chain to be close to your feet when you speed up, so you have zero chances of suffering from a severe injury. The same applies to the mechanics that will need to maintain the e-bike. Since there is no need to chain removal and lubrication, there are fewer chances of getting injured, and they can give a better price than the average conventional bike service costs.

Chainless E-Bikes Will Not Get Jammed As Frequently As The Regular Ones

Finally, it’s good to know that there is a lower chance of jamming with chainless e-bikes compared to conventional ones. As you may understand, the lack of many moving parts makes them a lot more consistent and energy-efficient. There is also no direct touch of the moving axis to the external environment, and that makes it tough for a jam that could happen when you collide your e-bike to a stable point.

With conventional e-bikes, the chain area used to be the most vulnerable part. During a collision, it was the first part that had to get a serious repair. Not to mention that without a moving chain, it was impossible to ride the conventional e-bike since there was no viable way to move the rear wheel. Now the pedals connect to the rear wheel directly, and you can be sure that you will have fewer damages and more satisfaction.


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