Elon Musk says George Soros no longer calls shots

Donald Trump and his supporters have made conspiracy theories around Soros a line of defense against the former president’s legal troubles.

George Soros, 92, has heard it all from conspiracy theorists.

A legendary investor who rarely appears in the media, he has been falsely and without evidence accused of being the mastermind behind nearly every crisis that has shaken the earth.

Eurozone debt crisis? Soros is to blame, conspiracy theorists say. Immigration crisis? Blame it on Soros, they claim. The rise of progressive values? Blame it on Soros. When Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, he accused Soros of stealing the victory. George Soros is a Jew from Hungary.

In recent weeks, financiers have once again appeared in court for conspiracy theorists. There is no doubt about the verdict. he will be found guilty. The case in question was brought against him by American Rights as a whole. Without evidence, they accuse Soros of being the instigator of the indictment of Donald Trump, the first ex-president in American history to be arrested.


Trump was arraigned on April 4. He was accused by Manhattan prosecutors of orchestrating a hush-money scheme to help pave the way for president and covering it up while in the White House.

He was charged with 34 felonies and had to appear in a Manhattan courtroom. Mr Trump has pleaded not guilty in the matter.

For the former president, who is running for president in 2024, it was set up by Soros to “pick and fund” the executioners of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin L. Bragg.

“After spending $1 million to select the prosecutor who indicted President Trump, George Soros spent another $1 million to successfully bribe a judge in Tuesday night’s election. “George Soros single-handedly bought the American judicial system, weaponized it, and forced all his opposition to do so,” the Trump campaign wrote in an email sent to supporters on April 6. are trying to crush the

The email is for fundraising purposes. The campaign says it has already raised more than $13 million since the indictment was announced.

“We can’t stop now. Soros is on a rampage and has bought the entire legal system of America. You are our nation’s only hope for true justice in America.” urged the email.

Soros, a major donor to the Democratic Party, has already categorically denied these accusations.

“George Soros has never met, spoken to, or otherwise communicated with Alvin Bragg,” spokesman Michael Vachon said in an email on April 4. “Neither George Soros nor the Democracy PAC (his PAC funded by Mr. Soros) contributed to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s campaign.”

The connection between Soros and Bragg is indirect. Between 2016 and 2022, the Legendary Investor Individual and Democracy PAC has totaled approximately $4 million in his PAC on Color of Change, including his $1 million in May 2021. , Vachon said.

“None of these funds were allocated to Bragg’s campaign,” the spokesperson claimed.

The Color of Change PAC spent $500,000 on Bragg’s 2021 campaign.

“His son is the de facto person in charge.”

But a new attack on Soros has just been launched by Tesla CEO and Twitter owner Elon Musk. This new strategy is to claim that Soros, who has his five children — sons Alexander, Jonathan, Robert, Gregory, and daughter Andrea — no longer actually has decision-making power. He no longer makes decisions. Basically, his son has replaced his father as the new boss, so he doesn’t really know where his money goes, which Musk claims, without providing any proof. That’s it.

It all started with a Twitter thread in which Scott Adams, creator of the classic comic strip Dilbert, wondered if George Soros knew where his money was going.

“My hypothesis about Soros is that he is completely unaware of where his money is going and why,” Adams wrote on April 9.

“His son is said to be de facto responsible,” Musk claimed.

Musk isn’t sure which of his four sons he’s referring to, but some clues point to Alexander, 39. Cause and his NGOs around the world. The OSF is a network of organizations with interrelated activities around the world with the goal of promoting democracy, human rights and press freedom. It is one of the wealthiest foundations in the world, along with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, allocating billions of dollars to promote public health and development.

On April 8, the New York Post and Fox News, both of which belong to Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, reported that Alexander Soros had “quietly become a de facto ‘ambassador’ to the White House, and has served the government at least 14 times.” visited,” he said. The far-left kingmaker since President Joe Biden took office. “

Musk commented on the ironic story on April 9th.

“And they haven’t invited me yet😭” the billionaire called out.

Musk voted Republican in the midterm elections. He has decided to pay $44 billion to make his Twitter, which he became his owner on October 27, a bastion of conservatives.

“That shifts the question to his son’s motives. Why does Soros’ son want to make America uninhabitable?” Adams asked.

“You can’t beat me. I think it’s because of the pseudo-intellectualism of the ivory tower,” Musk replied, lashing out at Alexander Soros.

Father and son work together, Vachon told TheStreet.

“Alex Soros is the chairman of the OSF board and George is the founder. They work together,” the spokesperson said in an email.

Musk also agreed with Twitter users who often complained that criticism directed at Soros was seen as anti-Semitic.

“The whole situation is strange. Frankly, if it weren’t for the defenders labeling all critics ‘racist’ for boldly drawing attention to his role in the election. , I wouldn’t mind Soros that much,” said the user.

“Yes,” agreed the tech mogul. Elon Musk says George Soros no longer calls shots

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