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Why You Must Localize Your Website Before Penetrating Indian Markets

India is the second most populated country after China, with slightly over 1.3 billion residents. Reports of the International Monetary Fund show India’s economy as the sixth-largest globally, at over 3.18 trillion. As per the stats, the economy will hit over 5 trillion dollars by 2027. These robust facts support the necessity for businesses to penetrate the Indian markets. However, before entering the Indian markets, you must understand the importance of website localization.

What is Website Location and Why You Must Do It?

Website localization involves redefining the content and features of your website for a target audience. The process requires translating your website content to match a target group’s native language and culture. Through website localization, you modify all static pages, layouts, blog posts, and guides on your website to match the linguistic and cultural context of the Indian natives. So why must you localize your website before offering products or services to Indian clients? Let’s find out.

Reach Your Indian Audience With the Ideal Message

Part of website localization is harvesting relevant information from similar businesses currently operating in India. Web scraping gives you insights into the marketing expressions, phrases, words, linguistics, and cultural contexts successful companies use. Such insights inform the marketing campaigns and demographic targeting strategies a business employ.

It also provides information on content creation, ensuring proper use of relevant keywords, local SEO, and localization of landing pages. That way, businesses can customize their marketing messages and strategies for the Indian markets. Using a proxy is the best strategy to ensure you are scraping the right kind of content from Indian websites. Learn more about India proxy to reach your audience with the best message.

Attain a Larger Crowd

Localizing your website before selling your business to Indian clients guarantees you a wider reach. The digital Indian market is multiplying, with various growth opportunities for new and established companies. However, thousands of businesses like yours are already operating in this jurisdiction. The only way to make the most of the Indian markets is by standing out in the way you present your products or services.

An effective way to target these markets is by localizing your website to the language and culture of Indian clients. Know the language spoken primarily in the geography you’re targeting and optimize your website for such an audience. Properly localized websites with SEO-optimized content and perfect local keywords will make your website rank higher while enjoying higher traffic.

Increase Trust

When your website reflects the cultural and linguistic distinctions of the Indian markets, it shows that your company recognizes and respects their culture. That way, Indian customers are more likely to trust your brand and want to buy from you. Simply put, localized content enables your company to blend seamlessly with your targeted audience. It helps build a strong bond and loyalty from your crowd, guaranteeing more leads and sales.

Research by CSA shows that non-native speakers rarely buy from English-only websites. The same study confirmed that approximately 64% of buyers prefer purchasing from websites with localized content. Based on this study, if you localize your website for the Indian markets, you are more likely to attract the trust of your clients and make more sales.

Improve Interactions

Making your website locally available for the Indian markets will ultimately boost client engagement. Indians, like native English speakers, engage more with brands representing their cultures and linguistic preferences. Therefore, the clients will more likely engage with your content if it’s localized into their native languages. And as you know, the more engagement your brand gets, the more chances your website will get to rank higher on search engines.

The client should always be your target, and every design choice must give them a reason to stay around longer. Do not drive possible prospects away by offering an English-only version of your website; try catering to their culture and unique characteristics to improve interactions and get better results.


The ultimate goal of every expansion into new markets is to win new clients, make more sales and increase company profits. When expanding into the Indian markets, the best thing you can do is to make sure you are connecting with your target clients personally. Localize your website to meet the cultures and native languages of the targeted audience, and don’t forget to use proxies to scrape other websites to get insights to help you plan your marketing strategies.

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