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Why winter is a great time winter to visit Tel Aviv?

It is quite frequent for the weather to fluctuate in Israel during the winter. At times, the weather is sunny and warm, and at other times, it can be cold and overcast. Israel also experiences heavy rainfall during the month of January. So do you know if Israel gets snow? It does! The best time to visit Israel especially Tel Aviv to witness snowfall is between January and February.

The winter months are an ideal time to visit Tel Aviv since it is off-season. Most tourists visit the country in the spring and fall. Hence, if you visit during winter you will not only enjoy the great weather but there will also be fewer people. As a result, hotels and flights will be cheaper.

Things to do in Tel Aviv during the winter

The city is considered one of the cultural centers of Israel. Israeli winters do not require hunkering down in front of the heater. The nightclubs in Tel Aviv are a great place to take out your dancing shoes this winter. 

They offer intriguing cocktail mixes and amazing food from dusk till dawn. You will always remember the night you spent bar-hopping in Israel. You can also find many affordable Tel Aviv hotel worth staying in winter. 

Here are a few things you can do, when you are visiting Israel in winter;

Hanukkah Festival

Hanukkah, Israel’s pride festival, starts on 2nd December. Festival activities can be found for almost 8 days beginning on the 8th of December and ending on the 10th. There is good food available all over the country during this time. You should spend Hanukkah with the locals if you are planning a trip to Israel in winter.

Jewish Film Festival

A film festival is held in Jerusalem in December that features a variety of genres and themes. The performances offer an insight into the culture, art, music, dance, people’s lives, and much more. Additionally, in January and February, Israel also hosts a number of festivals.

Bird Watching

You must plan a trip to Galilee to watch the migratory birds if you are planning to spend the winter months in Israel. December, January, and February are the months when thousands of species of birds migrate to Israel.


Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ski on Mount Hermon. January and February are excellent months for skiing. Skiing is a wonderful adventure sport for anyone who loves thrills and adventure.

Christmas and New Year

It is a jolly time around Christmas and New Year in the entire country. It is impossible to escape the Christmas cheer bug if you spend the winter in Israel. If you are planning to visit Israel, make sure to experience the energy.

National Parks

The winter months are great for visiting Israel’s national parks and nature reserves. Known for their vultures, trees, and leopards, these parks are among the most beautiful in the world. You can choose to either take a guided tour during the day or stay overnight at one of the parks.

Wrapping up

There are many festivals, holidays, and good weather during the winter months in Israel. There is no better time to visit Israel than now, especially if you are looking to have an affordable vacation. 

Spend this holiday season in Israel and have the most unforgettable holiday experience! Book your trip with TravelTriangle and experience this wonderful country for yourself! Comment below and let us know what you think.

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