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Why Is There an Increasing Popularity of Green Homes Amongst Millennials?

As we are aware of the growing population, people are trying to take every step they can to lower this problem. Moving towards green and reducing the usage of plastics, people are getting closer to reducing this unwanted pollution. So, the idea of getting green homes or eco-friendly homes is becoming popular, especially amongst the younger generation. This is to ensure a healthy and better lifestyle in future.

Over the last several years, there has been a dramatic increase in the building of green homes in New Zealand where this country stands four globally. All thanks to these younger kids who have been looking for tech savvy and low carbon buildings to live in. If you are looking for home builders NZ, then you should not miss checking the site of Mike Greener homes who has been building such homes for the last 25 years. All they use is the top-quality products and that too with 10 years guarantee on the house.

As millennials are thoroughly educated in terms of factors contributing to these polluted environments, that is the reason that is pulling them to these green homes. There are various benefits that these millennials are getting by investing in these homes like:

  • Asset value is higher as compared to conventional residential properties
  • You can get rebates on property taxes
  • High rental value if you giving it on rent
  • Low energy and water
  • Good health and well-being of people living here

Why is it better?

  • Green homes are like a long-term investment as they will nurture the families living here and their future generations. That is the reason why millennials are happy to invest in such projects as it profitable and sustainable at the same time.
  • People have lowered their rate at investing in traditional homes and the market is stagnant now. Therefore, people are more interested in investing in green homes due to their high return on investment.
  • This is also very quick to build because they use all available materials, which can be recycled very easily.
  • People investing in green homes are going to set some trends as first-time investors. They will be setting up an example for all the new generations.
  • Millennials are looking for houses that can let them lead a healthy and happy life. This is what green homes do.
  • Electricity is always the biggest worry for everyone. For such people, green homes are going to be a great choice. These homes are developed using renewable resources that are effective in emitting carbon. Thus, these green homes have a greater capacity to conserve energy resources and keep the carbon emissions at a low level.
  • Green homes are full of technology. The technology that has been used here is very much helpful in saving energy and resources. Also, our newer generations are mostly into technology and robotics, they can very well control the usage of electricity by using remote, which can indirectly save money and time.

To conclude, as millennials are always concerned about their savings and cost, this house will be a great saver for them as their maintenance cost will also be less. Thus, it is just going to be a valuable option for them.


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