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Why Is Shakespeare’s Work Taught In School Up To This Day?

Shakespeare wrote more than 37 plays and 154 poems in his lifetime, including a variety of tragedies, comedies, history plays, and sonnets. He was also a poet, actor, and playwright. He’s credited for masterfully using language to portray characters and situations.

Shakespeare is one of the most important authors in history. He was able to write about a wide range of themes such as love, death, betrayal, revenge, politics, war, and religion. His work has been translated into numerous languages and has influenced many other writers in different genres.

There are many reasons why Shakespeare is still taught to students today.

One reason is that he was able to find a way to make his plays accessible for the common people by using everyday language which helped them understand the complicated themes he was writing about. Another reason is that Shakespeare’s work can help students develop their vocabulary skills.

The purpose of teaching Shakespeare in school is to expose students to the English language, culture, and literature.

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The Importance of the Text-Based Approach to Teaching Shakespeare

The text-based approach to teaching Shakespeare refers to teaching Shakespeare by focusing on the plays and sonnets and linking them to cultural context.

This may seem like an obvious way to learn, but it’s also possible to talk about Shakespeare by analyzing word use or some other idea. Text-based approaches are often seen as a more effective way of teaching The Bard’s work.

Text-based learning can be difficult for students because it requires them to digest and analyze texts and understand them in the context of the culture they were written for.

This approach also encourages students to explore their ideas and opinions about the texts they’re reading. Text-based learning has been used in many different educational settings, such as literature classes, language classes, and even math classes.

It’s important to note that Shakespeare can be analyzed with today’s issues. It’s possible to think about 2022 philosophies of fairness, gender, and race. However, at that time, other issues were much more important such as wealth and class inequality.

The Influence of the Textbook Model on Education System

The textbook model is a system that was used in the education system to teach students. This model was based on the premise that textbooks are the only resource for learning and teachers should use them to teach.

The textbook model has been criticized for its lack of innovation. This is because it doesn’t allow for the student to explore new topics or think about what they’re learning differently.

It also doesn’t allow for teachers to adapt their teaching style according to student needs.

Today, it’s widely accepted that even if teachers use textbooks, they’ll need to adapt the textbooks to meet student needs. This is always a push-pull situation between students and national priorities like patriotism, labor-force development, and social control, however.

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