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Why do most companies integrate the use of QR codes in counterfeit-proofing their products?

With the emergence of various shopping outlets for people to purchase the products they need for work, schooling, home improvement, and more, the availability of counterfeit products in these outlets rises.

Because of that, the industries that are heavily impacted by the presence of counterfeit products in the market are experiencing a 98 billion dollars loss in sales damage in 2020.

Aside from the monetary damages counterfeit products incur to the brands and companies that are affected by them, their customer and investors’ trust from them lowers.

Due to the issues counterfeiting brings to the market, a campaign for advocating the consumers to buy products that come from legitimate retailers and outlets started.

And as they continue to strengthen this campaign, most brands and companies are now constantly upgrading their product authentication and security features to make it more difficult for counterfeiters to copy.

Through maximizing their anti-counterfeiting efforts, various data embedding technologies were adapted into the product and its packaging. With the technological solutions that they can use, QR codes take the lead in counterfeit-proofing their products.

Why do most companies integrate the use of QR codes in counterfeit-proofing their products?

As the battle against counterfeiting can drain most of the brands’ resources and reputation in the market, QR codes help maximize their anti-counterfeiting efforts with the following QR code benefits.

  1. Technology is available and easy to integrate

Since most brands are always looking for better tools to authenticate their products and protect them from being copied, one of the elements they evaluate when finding the ideal tool to use in upgrading their product’s authentication and security feature is the tool’s ability and availability.

With the availability of a QR code generator online, brands can easily upgrade their product packaging and design features by simply creating QR codes and embed other security features with them.

  1. Stores more information than other data embedding technologies

Unlike the use of other affordable data embedding technologies like 1-D barcodes, QR codes can store a hefty amount of information that is vital for securing confidential information such as passwords and more.

  1. Occupies smaller print paper areas

One reason why most companies integrate the use of QR codes in their products is its flexibility in terms of utilizing the space provided in their product. With its proportional design outputs, resizing them is a lot easier.

  1. It can be scanned with a smartphone.

As adding a protection layer to one’s product doesn’t require special equipment to unlock the information it holds, many brands are integrating the use of QR codes to create a simple unlock and authentication system for their consumers.

With integrating the use of a QR code for registrationcustomers will only need to scan the QR code in their product packaging and register their product.

How to create a product registration QR code?

Now that product authentication is highly emphasized by brands and companies who are fighting against the domination of counterfeit goods in the market, product registration QR codes are integrated into goods that are prone to counterfeiting.

To know how they integrate them, they first create a robust product authentication website and proceed in converting the site into a QR code in the following QR code creation steps.

  1. Open an online QR code generator with logo website and create an account
  2. Go to the bulk QR tab and select the second option.
  3. Click the Generate Bulk QR icon and enter your product authentication website.
  4. Generate your Bulk QR code and customize its design
  5. Run a scan test

6 Download in SVG format and place it in your product packaging.


As the technology for copying files and products is getting more advanced and of quality, brands and companies that sell high-quality products fall victim to rise of the counterfeited products in the market.

Because of this alarming situation, many brands and companies start integrating the use of product authenticating tools to ensure their customers’ welfare and safety when buying one. With QR codes as one of the tools they integrate, encoding and decoding information within it is now lighter and easier for customers.

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