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Why are a bat and a mushroom an official CA state symbol?

California’s better known state symbols include its golden poppies and grizzly bears. But in recent news, the Golden State adopted the pallid bat as a new symbol alongside the California Golden Chanterelle, a mushroom species native to the Pacific Coast.

Other, lesser-known symbols include: an official state dinosaur, the Augustynolophus morrisi; a state fabric, denim; and a state sport, surfing.

How does something get recognized as a new state symbol?

Here’s how they are chosen and who can propose a new one:

How does California choose its symbols?

Californians have chosen for themselves the symbols to represent the Golden State, according to the State of California Capitol Museum.

From animals to songs, the symbols are chosen by what Californians “value most” about their state.

The state’s symbols are chosen to better understand the Golden State, the museum’s website states.

According to the California State Library, any California resident can propose a new state symbol by contacting their local State Senate or Assembly member.

To officiate the pallid bat as a new state symbol, Sen. Caroline Menjivar, D-Los Angeles, authored Senate Bill 732, The Bee previously reported.

Menjivar sought to provide a special designation for the pallid bat because of the natural pest control it provides to California’s agriculture.

“Naming Antrozous pallidus as the official state bat of California will help promote appreciation, study, and protection of bats in this state,” Menjivar wrote.

This species of bats is as “diverse as Californians,” the bill states.

After Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the bill into law earlier this month, the pallid bat will be added to the California State Library’s list of the state’s official symbols in 2024.

How many state symbols does California have?

California law establishes the state flag and the state’s emblems.

California currently has more than 40 state symbols in the following categories:

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