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Who are the richest poker players in the world?

Poker is one of the fortune games that can change a life just in one night. Poker originated in America and began appearing in 1800 in New Orleans. Every year, the craze for this game heats up and the poker industry brings in dream revenue. Poker can also be considered a full-time career. Although poker can bring you to the clouds, even a little bad luck can make you fall to hell. So this is a game that needs a combination of skill and luck. And those skills need to be cultivated a lot through practice by participating in online poker at big bookies like Ignition Casino & Poker. But in the poker world, there are still superior people, as evidenced by the number of times they have won and the amount of money they have won. Here is a list of the 10 richest poker players.

1/ Dan Bilzerian

Dan is not only famous for his huge fortune from poker but also for his playboy lifestyle. He is an investor in talented and passionate poker players. He has an Instagram account and many times drives netizens crazy with his lavish lifestyle, Dan owns 150 million dollars. He is fortunate to have a wealthy father who is supportive but it is his skills and personality that make him famous. He likes supercars, and hot girls, and the photos he posted show that clearly.

2/ Sam Farha

Another poker master is Sam Farha. This American player owns 100 million dollars. He is remembered as the runner-up at the 2003 WSOP. He moved to the US when the war broke out in Lebanon. He holds an undergraduate degree in business from the University of Kansas. He also writes books, sharing some of his tips and experiences with poker.

3/ Phil Ivey

At number 3, Phil Ivey is extremely proud with $ 100 million. He has a World Poker Tour title and thanks to his great skill, he is known as the “Tiger Woods” of the poker world. At the age of 23, he already has 3 World Series championships.

4/ Erik Seidel

In terms of assets, it is impossible not to mention Erik. He was born in Las Vegas and has a fortune of $41 million. He won 8 World Series Poker and won the title on the World Poker Tour. Erik spends a lot of time in the stock market and gets a lot out of it too.

5/ Chris Ferguson

This American player owns 5 World Series Poker championships. Chris was born into a family of doctors but became a poker player at a young age. He won many tournaments and is the founder of the online poker portal “Full Tilt Poker”. His current net worth is $25 million.

6/ Antonio Esfandiari

He is the youngest poker champion and a true legend. Known as “The Magician,” the 38-year-old began his career at a very young age. At the age of 19, he already owns $ 1.4 million and many Poker titles around the world. This is an inspiration for young players. His current net worth is about 17 million dollars. His biggest win was $18,346,673 in 2014.

That’s a list of the richest poker players in the world, their achievements are admirable, aren’t they?


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