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Where to party in Las Vegas?

A lounge inside a giant hanging chandelier, a vintage-style brewery where witches brew beer and the coolest bar in town, where it’s literally 5 degrees below zero and partly made of ice, are just a taste of Las Vegas nightlife. Las Vegas VIP Tables are cool, as are their VIP bottles.

The most popular nightclubs are located in downtown and on the Las Vegas Strip, and are packed with tourists almost year-round. The Arts District is becoming an increasingly popular gathering place for locals. Be sure to check out the award-winning Velveteen Rabbit bar or the train compartment-inspired Westbound Bar and Lounge. Prefer to relax? Then head to Summerlin and visit the iconic Sand Dollar Lounge or Frankie’s Tiki Bar.

With truly hundreds of different nightclubs in the city, each establishment tries to outdo the other in terms of style, music, and drinks. So wherever you go, you’re sure to have a great night out!

Minus 5 Ice Bar

Minus 5 Ice Bar is a unique and refreshing experience located in various destinations around the world, such as New Zealand, Australia, and Las Vegas. What makes this place special is that it is completely made of ice, from the walls and VIP tables to the glasses in which they serve the VIP bottles.

Upon entering the Minus 5 Ice Bar, visitors are greeted by an impressive and frigid atmosphere, with a temperature that remains constantly below zero degrees Celsius. They are provided with special clothing and gloves to keep them warm while enjoying the experience.

Inside, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of cocktails and drinks, served in hand-carved ice glasses. The atmosphere is decorated with elaborate ice sculptures and colored lights that create a magical ambiance.

The Minus 5 Ice Bar is an excellent option for those looking for a different and unique experience. It is perfect for special celebrations, corporate events or simply to escape the heat and enjoy a refreshing moment in a stunning setting.

The Velveteen Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit in Las Vegas is not only the name of a famous children’s book, but also a popular nightlife destination. Located in the heart of the city’s arts district, this eclectic and vibrant nightclub offers a unique and immersive experience for party-goers.

This nightclub adopts a whimsical and artistic ambiance with its vibrant decor, colorful lighting and eclectic music selection. It hosts a variety of events and theme nights, with local and international DJs, live performances and art installations.

What sets The Velveteen Rabbit apart from other Las Vegas nightclubs is its commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. It prides itself on providing a safe and diverse space for people to gather, dance and enjoy the vibrant nightlife.

The club also offers impressive VIP tables as well as an extensive craft cocktail menu, featuring innovative mix and a wide selection of spirits. Guests can indulge in unique and tasty concoctions, making their evening even more memorable.

Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub

Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub is one of Las Vegas’ premier nightlife destinations. Located in The Cosmopolitan hotel, this iconic venue offers an unforgettable experience that seamlessly transitions from daytime pool parties to high-energy nightlife revelry.

The Marquee Dayclub features a luxurious outdoor pool area where guests can soak up the sun and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. With world-class DJs spinning upbeat tunes, impressive performances and a lively crowd, it’s the ideal place for daytime parties and a refreshing escape from the desert heat.

When the sun goes down, Marquee transforms into a vibrant nightclub, known for its energetic dance floor, VIP tables, state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems and top-notch DJs. The venue spans several levels, including a main room with a huge LED screen, a rooftop patio with stunning views of the Las Vegas Strip and several bars offering an extensive drink menu.

Sand Dollar Lounge

The Sand Dollar Lounge is a legendary Las Vegas establishment, known for its rich history and vibrant music scene. Opened in 1976, it has become an iconic destination for live music lovers.

The lounge’s intimate and relaxed atmosphere provides the perfect setting to enjoy a wide range of genres, from blues and rock to jazz and soul. With talented local and touring musicians gracing the stage, the Sand Dollar Lounge offers unforgettable live performances. Its wide selection of VIP bottles and friendly staff add to the overall charm. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or looking for a relaxed night out, the Sand Dollar Lounge is a must-visit venue in Las Vegas.

Downtown Cocktail Room

The Downtown Cocktail Room is a hidden gem in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. This speakeasy-style bar offers a sophisticated and cozy atmosphere, perfect for those seeking a more refined and intimate experience.

The bar is staffed by expert bartenders who craft inventive and artfully presented cocktails with premium spirits and fresh ingredients. With its dimly lit ambiance, vintage décor and eclectic music selection, Downtown Cocktail Room exudes a cool, retro vibe. It’s a go-to spot for cocktail enthusiasts and those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas Strip.

With these places, you will have no excuses not to visit the best bars and nightclubs in Las Vegas. Enjoy incredible VIP tables and live an unforgettable experience in the company of your friends.


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