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Where Are the Best Beaches Located in Virginia

When people talk about beach states, they often mention locations such as California, Florida, or New Jersey. One extremely underrated beach state is Virginia, having plenty of high-quality beaches for visitors to enjoy. Although these beaches don’t get the same hype as some other locations throughout the U.S, they still have plenty to offer. So if you find yourself in Virginia and want to spend a day at the beach, where should you visit? Here are where the best beaches in Virginia are located.

Virginia Beach

By far the most famous beach in Virginia is Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach has just about everything you want out of a beach, whether you’re just visiting for a trip or are a local renting one of the Virginia Beach apartments for rent. The area has a variety of activities for beach-goers to enjoy, ranging from surfing to snorkeling. Also due to its popularity, Virginia Beach has a great boardwalk with a slew of different shops and stores to enjoy. Finally, the local accommodations are fantastic, as many great hotels are available for decent rates. If you’re looking for a beach trip in Virginia, Virginia Beach should be one of your top options.

Colonial Beach

Located between the Potomac River and Monroe Bay is Colonial Beach, one of the more well-known locations in Northern Virginia. In 2018, Colonial Beach was named “Best Virginia Beach” by USA Today and a year later Reader’s Digest named the area “The Nicest Place in Virginia”. Major publications are the only people showering the beach with praise, as everyday beach-goers also love Colonial Beach. The nearby resort town and beautiful beaches have something to offer for everyone, making this a fantastic beach destination.

Jamestown Beach

Jamestown is best known for its historic settlement, but it actually is home to one of the best beaches in the state. Jamestown Beach has everything that you would want from a beach, including sandy shores, ocean waves, and a pier. Although small, Jamestown Beach can still be a ton of fun for the whole family. If you plan on visiting the Jamestown Settlement or Bush Gardens, Jamestown Beach could be the perfect way to spend a relaxing day.

Belle Isle Beach

Perhaps the most unique location on this list is Belle Isle Beach. The area is considered an urban beach, due to its proximity to the city of Richmond. Rather than sporting sand like a traditional beach, Belle Isle is instead known for flat sunning rocks and swift rapids. Although maybe not as traditional as other beaches on the list, Belle Isle serves as a great getaway for those in the city of Richmond. Additionally, Belle Isle Beach is just as good of a place to soak up some sun and lay by the water as any other location in Virginia.

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