What’s the highest yielding strain?

Do you want to find the best online store for hemp (cannabis) seeds that offers postal delivery and low prices? Our professionally modest, but rich in quality goods for every taste store allows you to buy cannabis seeds quickly and safely.

Despite the preconceived notions of most, marijuana grains do not contain any psychoactive substances, so purchasing them is equivalent to buying food, pet food, or souvenirs.

All items in our shop are sold legally and in a wide range:

  • the purest forms of Sativa and Indica;
  • the best hybrids in the variety and other types that have been assessed by stringent breeders from European and American banks;
  • auto and photoperiod, outdoor and indoor, simple for beginners and difficult for professionals.

Can’t choose the right sort? Not sure which plants are best for your climate? Contact our managers who will advise you on strong or light, extreme or relaxing options for every taste.

Herbies offers high-yield cannabis seeds that can be grown indoors and outdoors. Plants from these strains produce powerful buds containing over 18% THC. Such fruits are useful in medicine and retain flavor after drying.

Harvest hemp seeds

Harvest cultivars of marijuana are cannabis species with high productivity. Often, they are grown for commercial purposes. This indicator is calculated simply: the total mass of the crop is divided by the number of square meters planted with bushes. The higher this number, the more productive the variety.

Planting fruitful cultivars is relatively simple. Little space is wasted on beds. Although, at the same time, productivity does not suffer. In addition, even under adverse conditions, with mistakes made in cultivation, cannabis will bear fruit.

Seeds of cannabis varieties with a large yield are divided into auto-flowering and photoperiodic. In addition, an important factor is the phenotype of the plant: Sativa or Indica.

What does a productive plant look like?

Commercial kinds of plants share the following characteristics:

  • a huge number of cones are formed on the bush, and the grower gets a big harvest at the finish line;
  • hemp is distinguished by its power, a strong effect on the body of herbal smokers;
  • the mass of inflorescences on the bush exceeds the weight of the leaves;
  • cannabis branchy and tall.

Even if you have never grown commercial marijuana before, order fruitful grains from our website. Try to maintain the optimal air temperature during cultivation, monitor the humidity indicators, apply a top dressing, and the strain will thank you with a generous harvest.


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