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What’s the Best Lottery in California: odds vs prizes

When choosing to play the lottery, there’s a buffet of options. There are different amounts that you can win, and there are different costs involved. So, it’s not as straightforward as you may think when choosing which lottery game to play. We are going to have a look at a few of the variations where the odds will differ, as well as the cost and prizes on offer. For all you need to know on the California Lottery, look at the CA lotto results information page.

California Super Lotto Plus

You are around 5 times more likely to hit the California Super Lotto Plus than you are of hitting the Powerball Lottery jackpot, and your odds see you about 4 times more likely than winning the Mega Millions top prize. Surprised?

As a consequence, you are much more likely to see smaller prizes on offer in the California Super Lotto Plus. That’s not to say that the prizes are small, and with the help of a couple of rollovers, you can see the prizes stack up to very large amounts. For instance, the current biggest recorded California Super Lotto Plus win stands at $193 million! Now, that is not small money in anyone’s eyes!

The chance of winning in the California Super Lotto Plus comes with odds of around 23/1, which is pretty decent when you consider the potential wins at stake. Landing the jackpot is not so easy, with your odds being approximately 42 million/1.

Monopoly Scratcher

The Monopoly scratcher offers one of the best chances of winning out of all scratchers in the United States. For a cost of $20, you can expect a return on investment of 8%, and prizes start from $20. Each scratcher bought comes with a chance to win the $5 million jackpot prize! There are 5x $5 million cards up for grabs, with a range of lower amounts to be won, with the second biggest amount being $100,000 where there are 10 printed cards, and then there are prizes of $10,000 downwards.

There are also the $2, $5, and $10 variants where you can stand to win smaller prizes. What’s most appealing about this is that the games change depending on the price of the scratcher. This provides much more entertainment value for the player, with people often taking a mixture of all as a way to get maximum thrills. All the scratchers are well designed in the style of the nation’s most famous board game.

California Lottery 200X Scratcher

The 200X, as it is commonly known, comes with a huge amount of suspense, as you carefully scratch away those 35 potential winners. This is such a popular scratcher because it comes with the added incentive of the ‘Fast Spot’ game, where you can win smaller prizes by just finding a dollar bill symbol.

For a cost of $30 you can purchase a 200X scratcher and be in with the chance of $10 million, as well as a range of smaller prizes. There are 6 jackpot tickets printed, and the odds of landing one of those is 3 million/1. The next highest prize is $750,000, where your odds are around 1.5 million/1, with 12 of those out there somewhere. From there, prizes go from $50,000 down to $30. The chances of getting a $30 prize comes with very attractive odds of 6/1. It is easy to see why this scratcher has been such a hit with odds like this.

What’s more, with this scratcher you have an added incentive of a second chance to win by submitting your losing ticket into the weekly draw, where there is another $100,000 worth of prizes being given away.

In it to Win it

The approach you take to the Lottery will have an impact on the game you choose to play. If you are playing just for fun and don’t mind about not winning, then the higher odds games, where you can win more for less should suit you using the risk/reward ratio. However, if you are a more serious player then you should be looking at the likelier chances of winning, as the rewards are still excellent, but with less risk.


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