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What’s a Credenza and How to Choose One

A modern credenza is basically a storage unit that can be placed as a fixture in any space, such as the dining or living room. The design and look of a credenza may look confusing at first. You may ask, “Is it a table?” or “Is it a sideboard?” They are great furniture pieces that are used for storing items and can also serve decorative purposes in a room. They were originally meant to be used in the dining room, but as time went by, people got creative with their usage, and they are now a popular fixture in the dining room, living room, office, and more. 

What can you Store in a Credenza?

Since it is a storage unit, you can practically use it to store various items, from plates, cups, and other kitchen utensils to magazines, books, and more. It is a long, spacious cabinet that has enough room for several materials. In an open floor plan, you can even keep items used in the kitchen and entertainment areas in it. You can make use of the different compartments. 

Credenzas can also be used to store tablecloths and fabrics, ceramic accessories and plates, silverware, etc. They really help in keeping a room neat and tidy with items that are not needed out of sight.

The Difference between Credenzas, Sideboards and Buffets 

Credenzas are not just storage units, but they are also stylish and decorative fixtures in a home. They usually have sliding doors that open up to their insides where you can store items, and most of them come with either very short legs or no legs at all. A significant characteristic of credenzas is that they have low shapes and are long. They are now used in offices too, as desks. 

A sideboard looks very similar to a credenza because it is also long with a low shape, but a major difference is that sideboards are usually taller and typically designed with legs. Sideboards have a cabinet design that extends down to the floor. 

Buffets are commonly used in dining rooms because they have longer legs and are usually taller than both the credenza and sideboard. They have adequate space and are usually used to serve food buffet style. Hence, the name they are called. 

How to Choose the Perfect Credenza for You

Go for Minimalist Designs

Minimalist designs are all the rage now, and credenzas with straight edges and rectangular monochrome designs are very popular now. The beauty of a credenza lies in its elegance and simplicity. You don’t want a credenza that has an overly designed surface because it may stick out like a sore thumb, especially if your home’s interior design style is modern. 

You should have a credenza with clean lines that is for storing items and also adds beauty and class to the room it’s in. You can use it to display a few stylish ornaments or even some fine china and dinnerware. 

follow the Layout of the Room

This is a step you should really put into consideration. You should choose a credenza that is sleek and fits perfectly with the arrangement of the room you’re putting it in. For instance, you could use a credenza to section off your dining room and even create a new layout. 

The size and arrangement of your room will determine how you place the credenza and what size you will be going for. So, take time to study the layout of your dining room and decide if it will fit the way it is or if you will need to move some items around to create the right space for your credenza. 

Pick the Right Color

Colors go a long way in introducing glitz and glamor to a room or an accessory. This is the same for credenzas. Modern and contemporary credenzas come in various colors, and you have the option of going for bright palettes or cooler colors. Most people go for cool colors that suit their neutral colored walls well. 

Modern and contemporary credenzas are commonly made with engineered wood and have a clean and natural finish. Lacquer is a popular finish used in modern credenza pieces because it is very easy to clean and impervious to water. 

pay attention to Texture and Accents

The right texture and accents can really bring life to a living space. Great textures add to the beauty of a credenza and make it really interesting. Without beautiful textures, some credenzas feel boring and lifeless. Homes that are well-designed and decorated with stylish ornaments need to have credenzas with eye-catching surfaces and textures too. Marble, plain gray, faux and mile stone, etc. are some of the popular textures used for credenzas. 

The handles or legs of a credenza can have a contrast that gives the fixture a different and unique look. This is where creativity comes in, and you can style the credenza the way you want with beautiful accents that will add more character and highlight the beautiful furniture pieces you have. 

Final Thoughts 

Credenzas are amazing fixtures you should have in your home. They are great in dining rooms, offices, as well as living rooms, and people use them for multiple purposes. They have sliding doors that lead to storage units and also act as fixtures that bring beauty and style to a space. In the office, they can double as a desk with the offering of additional storage for documents and other files. You can place various office items above it, such as your computer, framed pictures, a lamp and more. 

Your living room can benefit from having a credenza because it can be used as a TV stand where you can also place other necessary accessories like the remote and more. The storage unit can be used for magazines, books, etc. Credenzas are pretty good furniture pieces you should have in your home, and we hope this article has been able to show you what a credenza is and how to choose one that suits you!

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