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What to Wear to Your College Reunion

Depending on who you ask, college reunions can be something that we look forward to or something that we will do anything to get out of. If you are a part of the latter group, we get it. The desire to not want to attend your reunion can stem from many reasons ranging from not wanting to meet people from college, to simply being an introvert and not liking parties.

If you do decide to go, however, and have turned your closet upside down wondering what you should wear, this list of suggestions may help.

College Accessories to Add A Spark

As much as conversations at a college reunion revolve around what everyone is doing now, it is nostalgia that draws you to your reunion. It is the chance to revisit the grounds you walked on, the opportunity to relive the days of nervousness and excitement, and the possibility of reflecting on your journey.

When you want to dress up elegantly, but also want to wear an element of school pride, adding college jewelry to the mix is an excellent choice. Pieces that show your school’s mascot, or portray a local landmark, will sit perfectly with the occasion. For instance, if you are going to a Colorado University reunion, CU jewelry featuring Lady Ralphie or reflecting the Buffs spirit may be the way to go.

From belts and bracelets to earrings and necklaces, there are a lot of ways to wear college jewelry that will balance your need for style with an expression of pride for your college.

Jumpsuits to Keep it Casual and Classy

One of the best things about going to your college reunion is the opportunity you get to see your own journey. From only surviving on cereal to now spending more time taking care of yourself, college reunions are a wonderful way to see how far you have come. Just like you may have evolved, so surely has your sense of style.

While in college you may have solely dressed in sweatshirts and joggers (they work!), you may now have a more mature wardrobe. One of our favorite things to wear that balances style and  comfort is the evergreen jumpsuit. Available in many different styles, you can pick one that matches your personality. This closet staple is one of the most effortless ways to look chic. One of the best things about a jumpsuit is its versatility. When you are at the event, you can dress it up with a short jacket and heels. When you are stepping out for the after-party, lose the jacket and slip on your flats. The jumpsuit can easily move from formal to relaxed. 

Perfect Shoes for Style and Comfort

We aren’t exaggerating when we say that uncomfortable shoes can dampen your mood. We have all been there. A pair of shoes draw us in from a store window. We try it at the store, and they seem comfortable enough, but when we wear them for extended periods of time, they seem to be too narrow, too small, the heels seem too high. In short, we can’t wait to take them off.

Remember, you may find yourself moving in between different groups of people, standing for a long time, and even taking long walks around the campus. When you go to attend your reunion, you want to wear shoes that not only look great but feel great too. Instead of opting for high, narrow heels, try wedges. They give you the height you may be looking for, while also providing your feet with the support they need. Or, try on a pair of ballerinas. These flat-soled shoes look cute without being uncomfortable. 

Dressing up for your college reunion can seem like a huge task and you may feel you are going around in circles. We suggest you start with your own definition of style as a foundation and watch the pieces come together. 

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