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What to Consider When Choosing Online Roulette

If you’re a big fan of online casinos, you’ve probably heard of online roulette. It’s a game that combines skill and luck, with one of the highest odds of winning at nearly 50%.

But this doesn’t mean you should just go for the first casino roulette you find. Like any other game, it literally pays first to take a step back and evaluate your options. That’s how winners stay on top: they set themselves up for success.

Want to learn how to make money in online casinos through roulette games? Our casino expert Jacek Michalski encourages you to consider these questions when you’re choosing:

What Do They Offer to New Sign-Ups? 

In general, 37% of consumers in Poland are more likely to become repeat customers if there are rewards or points offered. This percentage is actually much lower than other countries in the same study.

What does this mean? Polish people are not susceptible to the usual schemes employed by companies for client acquisition. At the same time, it means you’re more likely to find the top bonus za rejestrację bez depozytu offers within your options.

Gambling newbies will especially appreciate this because they can play for free to get the experience without the risks. Meanwhile, experienced players will appreciate the opportunity to maximize profits.

What Payment Methods Do They Accept?

You may be wondering how this is relevant to online roulette. But a growing number of players prefer not to give out their email address or their bank account information due to security and privacy reasons.

To accommodate people who have these concerns, online casinos are starting to embrace cryptocurrencies. But even if you’re not concerned about privacy, there are other practical reasons players prefer crypto over cash:

  1. It reduces the cost of the transaction. Banks normally charge exorbitant fees just for you to cash in at your favorite online casino. Meanwhile, cryptos charge less than a penny!
  2. It’s faster. Without a middleman to bureaucratize the process, you will receive your winnings much quicker.
  3. Transfer limits are higher. If you win big, it’s practically impossible for you to withdraw everything in just one day. But using cryptocurrency, you don’t have to deal with limits.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency in online gambling, make sure your casino has them as one of the payment options.

How Do They Reward Loyal Players?

Gambling regulations in Poland don’t leave you with many choices when it comes to online casinos. But this doesn’t mean that any single entity (except for the government!) has a monopoly of the entire industry. Even those that have been blacklisted can still appeal the decision and apply for licensing.

This means there’s still competition to obtain and retain players like you. Therefore, you’re in the best position to indirectly demand big casino bonuses to help pay for your gambling enjoyment.

Although bonuses shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing where to play online roulette, they can be the deciding factor if your top choices fare the same in others. Read reviews and ask around. Your fellow players should be able to give you more information in this area.

How Likely Are You to Turn a Profit?

When it comes to gambling, stacking the odds in your favor is the best way for you to profit. Your ability to apply strategies will affect your potential win rate in playing roulette.

At the same time, look into the average percentage of bets that a player gets back as winnings. Take note of this as well. Stick with online casinos with a payout rate of at least 95%.

But as important as those two factors are, you can still further improve your profit rate by getting massive online roulette bonuses. These will give you more opportunities to place bets and, therefore, more chances to go home a winner.

How is Their Customer Support?

Although playing roulette is relatively straightforward, having access to reliable support can still make you feel more at ease. You probably will find the answers to FAQs on the site, but that’s not enough.

What about if you have serious concerns? You want to be able to quickly reach a customer support agent to help you resolve the issue, especially if it involves your hard-earned winnings.

Look for a live chat option. You’ll find that most reputable casino sites have one. Be sure to read about other players’ experiences as well.


By asking these questions, you can limit your online casino options for roulette to your top choice. Make a spreadsheet if needed! If you want to stick with just one casino in the long run, going the extra mile is going to be worth it.

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