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What Not to Wear to a Casino: the Wardrobe No-nos for Gamblers 

When you imagine a scene in a casino movie, what clothes are people wearing? Chances are you are thinking of a Bond movie or one of the versions of Ocean’s 11, hence people are likely to be wearing tuxedos and evening gowns in your imagination. It’s like that in most other movies that show us scenes from gambling parlors. 

But in real life casino guests are not all that dressed up. The bar should be set a little lower when it comes to the elegance and extravagance of people’s clothes for a casino visit. But where exactly is the limit? What is too much and what is not enough to be properly dressed when trying your luck in brick-and-mortar casinos? Let’s find out together in the following lines.

Check the dress code of the casino you are heading to

The first thing you need to consider is the etiquette of a place you chose to visit and gamble at. Check if they have a dress code or at least a list of a couple of things that one should avoid wearing. Not only that this will make sure you have dressed accordingly, but it will also guarantee they will allow you to play. 

Most Vegas casinos, for example, have described the style they expect from their guests. There’s upscale chic but also business formal, depending on the place. Some gambling parlors stress that excessiveness of jewelry should be avoided as well as hats or sunglasses. So do your homework and check their do’s and don’ts. 

Dress like the person spinning the slots, not like the employee in charge of slots working properly

Other than dressing gowns and tuxedos, casinos are often associated with the clothes worn by their employees. Top of the list is probably croupiers, often seen in movies. Ushers and dealers are also often shown in movies. All of the above wear white shirts, a black vest, and a bow tie or tie. Whatever you do, don’t go for these looks. 

Keep in mind that a visit to a casino is not a masquerade ball. You shouldn’t go for the employees’ look thinking that will help you feel like you belong there. You are going to want to be different from that. And not because the casino has something against it, like in the previous paragraph, but because other guests will mistake you for a worker and will ask you will ask you questions and seek help. This will probably ruin your day and the whole experience. 

If you were planning to dress like this because it’s your favorite formal attire combo, there’s still a solution. As there are different slot machines, there are different vests and shirts. The easiest approach is to simply wear different colors than the staff member, go for an elegant jacket instead of a vest, and maybe avoid the bow tie altogether.

Casino and the beach have fun in common, but not clothes

In our opinion, the easiest rule to follow is this: if you wear it to the beach, it does not belong in a casino. So, shorts, flip flops, tank tops, and similar clothes are off-limits. A bit more relaxed clothes usually suitable for a beach cocktail party, like chinos and t-shirts, are okay. However, they are more suitable for a daily trip to a casino. And only if they are not against the dress code, as we already mentioned. 

Speaking of t-shirts, they can indeed be a great choice for a daily poker game, but our advice is to avoid those with slogans. Not only might other guests not find your slogans funny, but they might also think of them as offensive. 

A couple more general rules 

Here are couple more things that should help you avoid being dressed against casino rules: 

  • Never wear dirty or wrinkled clothes
  • Sneakers are okay for certain dress codes, i.e. semi-formal. They are also okay for a daily visit, but when the night comes, elegant shoes are expected. If you decide to wear sneakers, the never wear anything dirty rule goes for them too. 
  • Checking the dress code is important for every part of the casino: the gambling floor and the club at the same casino might not have the same rules, so be sure to check these too. 

In a nutshell

When preparing your clothes for a trip to Vegas or a similar experience, you should do some research about what clothes are expected. That way you can have the exact combinations of clothes ready and not only avoid being dressed in the wrong way, but also save time on thinking about what you need. 

If the casino you are headed to does not have a dress code, you can maybe try to compare its style and expectations to other, similar casinos and conclude based on what to wear. General rules on what to avoid that we mentioned in the following lines will help you wherever you go. 


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