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What makes WordPress the perfect choice for web development?

Do you know WordPress CMS rules in web development? How? Approximately 43% of the websites present on the internet are developed using the WordPress platform.

Ranging from small blogging websites to big business websites, WordPress is suitable for catering to all your needs. Major companies such as NBC, New York times, and Sony, to name a few, trust WordPress.

And what’s the reason behind that? Its unmatched features and benefits that the platform offers to businesses. Its open-source nature and free-to-use option make it an even more considerable CMS. Creating a website with WordPress is not a tricky affair, but to make it highly competitive, you need experts. You can create a robust website on time with a WordPress development company.

Let’s understand the reason behind its wide popularity and usage.

6 Reasons for the Massive Popularity of WordPress

1.    Open-source

WordPress is open-source meaning its code is publicly available without restrictions and you can use it for free. It is a versatile platform that can be utilized for developing various kinds of websites.

So, whether you want to build a simple blogging site or a highly complex business website, WordPress is suitable for developing both types. It’s an easy-to-use and cost-effective platform to create websites. Additionally, with WordPress, you can build an affordable website as you do not have to pay any license fees.

To completely take advantage of its functionalities, you need expertise and skills. Hence, the best solution is to hire WordPress developers who can make a quality-packed website for your business.

2.    No Limitations On Customization

WordPress allows you full access to its codes, making it easy to customize the website as per business requirements. Many pre-built themes are available from its official repository and third-party vendors. Both free and paid versions of these themes are available. You can also create a unique custom theme using a method like PSD to WordPress conversion.

Utilizing this wide range of themes, you can build an appealing and unique website for your business. Moreover, it offers plugin integration through which you can add any feature to your site to make it market-ready.

Apart from thousands of WordPress plugins, you have the option to create your own. If you want to integrate any specific functionality, you can build a custom WordPress plugin with the help of a custom WordPress development company.

3.    Better Visibility With SEO tools

SEO is crucial to enhance your online presence and gain more customers. A website developed on WordPress ranks high in search engines, and it’s not just a coincidence. WordPress provides a solid SEO foundation that allows you to create search engine-friendly websites. Due to the various plugins and themes, it offers to build fast-loading and high-performing websites.

With WordPress plugins and themes, businesses can not only develop appealing, feature-rich, and intuitive websites, but they also offer SEO benefits. It results in a better user experience and good search engine ranking.

You can develop an SEO-friendly website for your business by integrating built-in tools and SEO plugins such as SEO Yoast.

4.    Top-Notch Security

Using WordPress as the platform, you can develop a secure website for your business. It offers a wide range of enhanced security features that help brands build a secure website. It provides site security features such as password protection for folder contents, WordPress security plugins, etc.

Additionally, it releases version updates timely, minimizes the chances of bugs, and fights potential security threats. You can also enable an SSL certificate from your web hosting service provider on your site.

Moreover, by installing the WordPress backup plugin, you can always have a copy of your data. Your data is essential for your business; therefore, if something goes wrong, you also have a backup ready for your business’s smooth functioning.

5.    Integration of Third-party Tools

Every business has a different vision behind developing a website. No matter what kind of website you want to build, with WordPress, you can conveniently integrate requisite functionalities.

For example, if you want to develop an eCommerce website, then by integrating the WooCommerce plugin, you can transform your existing website into an eCommerce website. Moreover, you can add features such as payment gateways, inventory management, shopping carts, etc., as it offers access to third-party tools.

By partnering with the right WordPress web development services provider, you enhance the functionality of the WordPress website. You can add whatever functionality you want via APIs and third-party tools. Whether it is CRM, email marketing services, Google analytics, and so forth.

6.    Responsive websites

As technology is advancing, customers are looking for more convenient options. They not only visit your website via desktops but also use hand-held devices such as mobile, tablets, etc.

Now you can imagine if your website is not optimized according to these devices, then how many potential customers can you lose? If you are considering WordPress website development, you don’t have to worry about this. WordPress offers you to develop responsive and market-ready websites with ease.

WordPress provides a plethora of responsive themes using which you can have a responsive website with lots of features and functionalities.

How to Hire the Right WordPress Development Company?

To develop a competitive WordPress website and leverage the benefits of this CMS, you need a technical partner. As a renowned CMS, there are a plethora of companies that offer WordPress development services making it challenging to find the best service provider. Let’s find out how to hire a WordPress development company for your project.

1.     Determine the Specifications

The first thing you need to consider for successful completion of your project is to clarify your project requirements. Before hunting for a WordPress development company, ensure you know your project objectives, target audience, competitors, etc.

It will assist you in finding a reliable WordPress development company that can understand your project requirements and offer you excellent services. Additionally, if you have any references or website ideas, you can share those ideas with the developers. Thus, developers will be better able to understand your project requirements.

2.     Experience

When developing a WordPress website, you should check the years of experience that a WordPress website development firm has. Based on their previous project abilities and knowledge, they will be able to offer you more competitive solutions. In addition, their prior expertise will help them deal with difficult situations as well.

When you hire WordPress developers with excellent experience, you will receive new ideas from them. They will have prior experience in your industry, which will help them understand your project more comprehensively.

3.     Look for the right level of expertise.

Creating a website with average functionality will not require much time or effort. On the other hand, a professional-looking WordPress website necessitates technical knowledge and expertise. So, you can rely on WordPress developers to build you a market-ready and competitive WordPress website. Because of their extensive knowledge of the WordPress platform, they will be able to focus on even little aspects from the start of the project.

Professionals will work with the latest WordPress development trends and technologies such as AR/VR, chatbots, artificial intelligence, etc. Hence, you will receive a website embedded with the latest functionalities.

4.     Examine their portfolio.

Reviewing the WordPress development company’s portfolio is essential since it will help you analyze their prior efforts. You can look at the types of jobs they’ve done in the past. WordPress development companies also provide links to their official website or company page along with  screenshots and project information. Consequently, you’ll be able to see if their skills and experiences are aligned with your project. Further, this approach will assist you to make an informed selection.

5.     Prioritize what’s important.

When looking for custom WordPress development services, the cost is a significant factor to consider. However, this is not the appropriate way to choose a business. A low-cost company is unlikely to be able to give high-quality services. Don’t decide solely based on pricing. Inspect their expertise and industry knowledge to determine if they can provide value to your project.

Don’t be fooled by the companies ready to offer services at a low cost. Remember, an experienced and reliable company will always charge for their expertise and knowledge. Therefore, select the company based on their past successful projects rather than low development cost.

6.     Take a look at their prior projects

Find out how much work and projects the WordPress development firm has done in the past. By looking at their previous projects, you can verify their development techniques, capabilities, delivery time, and other related aspects. You can also check past customers’ reviews and ratings. You can also receive additional information about the development work by contacting past clients.

Companies also show their client testimonials or the live links of the websites they have built so far on their official site. You can check them out to learn how to understand their WordPress developers’ competency.

7.     Communication Capabilities

Effective and timely communication are necessary for projects to be successful. Mistakes and flaws can create project delays if they are not appropriately addressed through regular communication. The team must continuously keep you up to date on the project’s development. Slack, Skype, Webex, and other comparable platforms can be used to hold meetings and share pertinent information.

You know what you should look for while hiring WordPress developers or a company for your project. Below we have listed five trusted and experienced WordPress development companies. Simply choose a company that fits your project requirements best.

Top 5 Reliable WordPress Development Companies

1.    CSSChopper

CSSChopper is a WordPress development company founded in 2009. It employs a WordPress development team capable of producing high-quality plugins, themes, and websites. Its services include third-party WordPress integration, bespoke web portal development, and theme and module creation.


Founded 2009
Country United States
Employees 250-999
Review 4.9
Website https://www.csschopper.com/
Rates <25/hr

2.    Cemtrex Labs

Cemtrex Labs focuses on providing digital transformation services to enterprises. AR/VR solutions from the world’s most well-known and inventive businesses and software, design, and hardware push the frontiers of experimental, consumer, commerce, and industrial applications. Endeavor, IWC, LiveNation, AARP, and Bose are among the companies represented.


Founded 2009
Country Brooklyn, NY
Employees 50-249
Review 4.7
Website https://cemtrexlabs.com/
Rates $100-$149/ hr

3.    HTMLPanda

 HTMLPanda specializes in WordPress development and creates high-performing, secure, and customized websites. The following are some of HTMLPanda’s WordPress development services:

  • WordPress development for businesses.
  • WordPress upgrade.
  • WordPress development on a custom basis.
  • Theme development for WordPress.
  • WordPress migration and eCommerce development.


Founded 2014
Country Boston, MA
Employees 10-49
Review 5.0
Website  https://www.htmlpanda.com/
Rates $25 – $49 / hr

4.    Devrix

 DevriX is a WordPress development company specializing in technical and growth services for small and medium-sized businesses and startups.

Their team has migrated hundreds of proprietary and open-source frameworks and systems to WordPress. They’ve made 9 SaaS applications and over 500 plugins thus far. They have 9 core WordPress contributors on staff (the folks who have directly contributed to the core WordPress platform used by 70 million websites).


Founded 2010
Country Sofia, Bulgaria
Employees 50-249
Review (Clutch) 4.8
Website  https://devrix.com/
Rates $100 – $149 / hr

5.    Fooz

They are industry leaders in developing simple themes and large, sophisticated projects for WordPress. Their technologies allow for dedicated graphics to be created. Their clients appreciate their flexible and straightforward approach to building WordPress panels and the high technical quality they deliver.


Founded 2013
Country Poland
Employees 10-49
Review (Clutch) 4.8
Website https://foozagency.com/
Rates $25-$49/ hr


Concluding Note!!

There is no disagreement that WordPress is a highly preferred CMS for developing various websites. Since its advent, it has been getting better and releases timely updates to make it suitable for serving modern-day customers. With better dashboard functionalities, UI updates, and SEO features, coming in the future, the platform is getting better with time.

We have discussed the six reasons above that make it highly popular. You can develop a secure, SEO-friendly, feature-rich website for your business using this content management system. Additionally, you will have complete control over your website, excellent community support, and access to thousands of themes and plugins. Hence, you can build a highly customized website for your business as per your requirements.

You also have the option to build custom themes and plugins that suit your business requirements. You can hire a WordPress development company to build a top-notch WordPress website for your business.


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