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What Makes Moving Within LA So Special?

Amidst growing environmental, social, and economic concerns, many people are choosing to leave Los Angeles behind. Is the spark that made the entertainment capital of the world so special finally starting to wear off? Well, if you ask any of the residents who are choosing to relocate within city limits, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Still, if you’re considering moving in LA, you might want to keep some things in mind.

Things to Consider When Moving Within LA City Limits

If you’ve already spent some time in LA, you’re probably familiar with the city’s quirks. Still, our insights may help you figure out which neighborhood you should move to.

The Geography of the City

Unlike many other Californian cities and towns, LA is larger than many of its residents are aware. Moreover, because the city is essentially comprised of multiple smaller towns that grew into each other, it’s about as decentralized as they come. So rather than having one downtown area that contains all the businesses, LA has many business centers.

Additionally, the way the city came into being also means that it’s incredibly spread out. Without taking into account the larger surface area of LA County, the city takes up an area of 500 square miles. That makes it slightly larger than New York City!

Instead of growing vertically, LA tends to spread out, which may affect your moving plans in more ways than one. On the one hand, you’ll find that highrise apartments in LA are much more expensive than they are in other places. After all, there aren’t many of them to spare.

Additionally, the spacious nature of the city’s geography means that you’ll have to find a way to get from point A to point B both during the moving process and once you start living at your new place.

Traffic, Parking Options, and Public Transportation

Unlike NYC, LA has a famously bad public transportation system, leaving most of its residents to fend for themselves. That has resulted in a city full of irate drivers struggling to overcome a network of crowded highways.

If you’ve lived in LA for a while already, you’re probably one of them. Anyone who’s ever driven for over an hour to get 15 miles away from their starting point can relate to that. But ultimately, the city of Los Angeles is inhospitable toward car owners in several other ways.

For one, the West Coast generally has steeper gas taxes to incentivize people to move toward electric cars. Additionally, the abundance of reckless drivers on the streets means that vehicle insurance is much more expensive in LA than in other Californian cities. And that doesn’t even take into account the price of parking and the hassle of validation.

On the other hand, if you really don’t want to think about the cost of owning a car in LA, you could rely on the city’s public transportation system. It may not be as efficient as the London Underground or the New York City Subway, but it gets the job done. After all, the Los Angeles Metro infrastructure is relatively new — which is why it’s not as developed as it should be. So if you move to an area that’s close to a Metro stop, most of your transit needs will be covered.

The Benefits of Hiring Movers

Obviously, Los Angeles traffic doesn’t make transporting your worldly possessions to a new place easy. Sometimes, moving within LA city limits can seem as daunting as moving across state lines! So if you need to get your stuff ready and in a van quickly, you’ll probably need the help of a professional moving company in LA.

An experienced LA mover would be able to pack your stuff carefully and navigate the city’s busy streets with ease. Besides, the last thing you need is furniture falling off your vehicle because you failed to secure it properly.

The Different Neighborhoods You Could Head To

Lots of things make LA the perfect place to live. It’s a wonderfully diverse environment full of great education and career opportunities. On top of that, the climate is fairly mild year-round, though smog occasionally rears its ugly head.

Of course, some people do end up resenting a year without snow. Luckily, if you ever miss the sharp sting of winter, you won’t have to cross state lines to find it. After all, California has many excellent skiing, hiking, and camping spots peppering its mountains.

Then again, if you already live in Los Angeles, you must already be aware of its many charms. Even so, in such a large city, it’s easy to forget that our experiences are shaped by our immediate environment. Someone who lives on Skid Row would have a completely different experience of LA than people living in Sherman Oaks. So if you’re planning to move to another neighborhood — weigh the benefits of various locations around the city.

Before moving anywhere, you should make a list of requirements that go beyond the actual space you’ll be living in. Take your time to consider everything we’ve mentioned.

If you don’t have a car, look for apartments within walking distance of a Metro stop that can take you to your workplace. If you have a favorite spot in the city, include it in the equation too. And then, when you finally settle on a location — see if you can get an estimate from your local movers.

Take Advantage of LA’s Population Exodus

If you live in LA, it may feel as though everyone is looking for a way out right now. Dozens of content creators have left because the city no longer offers as many opportunities as it did before. And due to the cost of living, many of the city’s retirees and low-income residents have chosen to follow suit.

Still, their loss may be your gain. After all, as people leave the city, it will naturally make more real estate available for your perusal. Moreover, a lack of potential renters may force the landlords to lower their costs for once. If that doesn’t make you want to stay in LA, we don’t know what will!


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