What Makes A Good Nurse?

Nurses stand at the forefront of our medical services, helping to administer treatments and save lives on a daily basis. Whilst many people feel drawn to this career, it is not for everyone and in order to excel in it, there are a number of qualities that a person must possess. The most important of these are listed below.

A caring nature

Being caring is by far the most important asset that a good nurse should have – it kind of almost goes without saying. After all, this is what nurses do, they care for some of the sickest people in society. However, this is not to say that all nurses possess this quality, as there are many reasons why people are drawn to this profession – job security being a major factor.

 A willingness to learn

The world of science and medicine are constantly evolving and so nurses need to adapt to this by updating their knowledge so that they can deliver the best possible care to their patients. As things change, so does the medical terminology that is used within the healthcare industry, so it is important to keep on top of these developments by studying. Consider taking your medical terminology prerequisite online with Straighterline

Lots of stamina

Nursing can be a very demanding job physically and is actually something that lots of people looking into this career are often not aware of. During the average shift, a nurse can lift up to as much as 1.8 tons from all of the patients that they have to deal with. Similarly, a nurse will walk about 4 to 5 miles each shift, so it will definitely keep you fit – that is for sure.

 A good sense of humor

The job of nursing can be tough at times, both physically and mentally, and so having the ability to laugh with patients and colleagues is a great way of alleviating the stresses of the job. Not only this, but having a good sense of humor can help to spread a general feeling of positivity amongst work colleagues, patients, and even their families, benefiting everyone.

 Strong time management

The act of balancing multiple patients all with differing needs within a 12 hour shift is no small feat. That is why it is imperative that nurses have excellent time management skills, knowing which critical issues to focus on first, rather than simply focusing on the most demanding patient / family. An important part of time management for a nurse is giving themselves time for selfcare – not doing this could lead to burn out. Not having regular breaks during a fast paced 12 hour shift is not good for a nurse or their patients.

Critical thinking skills

Being able to put all the knowledge learnt through study and education into practice is a very necessary skill for any nurse and ensures that they are able to deliver the best possible medical care to their patients.

 If you feel that you possess each of these qualities then you may just have what it takes to pursue a successful career in nursing.

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