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What is the Portrait Mode in Online Slots?

There are various ways for slot players to enjoy online slots like White Wizard slot with mobile phones, PC, and tablets. The most exciting thing about using tablets or mobile phones to play online slots is how players can play them.

Players can use these devices to play games in either portrait or landscape mode. The portrait mode makes players comfortable and makes them play for more extended periods. Portrait mode is an increasing way to use slot games.

Benefits of Using Portrait Mode

The primary way that slot players enjoy online slots is through portrait mode. Landscape mode is how people tilt their mobiles to the side to play a game. Although the landscape mode is the default mode in many online slot games, there are still many benefits that players can receive from using a slot in portrait mode. These benefits include:

1.      Comfort

One thing that comes when playing in landscape mode is the need to hold your phone with both hands; this does not happen in portrait mode. Instead, players can enjoy a superb gaming experience in a comfortable, one-handed position.

2.      Easier to See

Playing slot games in portrait mode lets the players see what is happening on the screen. This is because the portrait mode is the main way people use their phone without having to tilt it. Having your desktop monitor in portrait means you fully utilize the space on your screen. More content is viewable below the fold, and there is no waste of space. When using portrait mode in slots, it is much easier to see the reels, and the slots will be much easier to play.

3.      Easy to Use

It can sometimes be more manageable for certain slot players to use a portrait mode because of the way they hold their phones. Not everybody has grown up with mobiles or tablets around them, and using this is ideal for the slots fans who are still grasping the ins and outs of modern technology.

If you are a die-hard fan of online slot games and prefer playing on mobile, here’s a quick round-up of online slots that you can play seamlessly in portrait mode at any time.

Davinci Diamonds

Davinci Diamond is a popular online slot that offers both landscape and portrait modes. It’s a top choice among art lovers as the game is dedicated to some of Leonardo Da Vinci’s finest and most famous artwork.

Archangels: Salvation

This slot promises a battle between good and evil and the chance to win big if you’re lucky. It’s a popular game among online slots enthusiasts that NetEnt released in 2018. The gameplay brings the battle of the Ancient Archangels, Gabriel and Lucifer. It is a perfect fit for those who prefer playing in portrait mode.

Numerous slot sites offer slot games in portrait mode. If you’re on a hunt for these types of slots, you can try looking at the some provided below.

Power Plant, Jammin’ Jars. Ecuador Gold, etc.

Online slots are played mainly in Landscape mode. However, the portrait mode will only rise in popularity over time.

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