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What Is It Like Living in the Upscale Neighborhood of Brentwood, Los Angeles

You need to be rich if you want to live a comfortable life in Los Angeles, Ca. Most people do not even dream of living in LA unless they have a six-figure income. And the annual increase in transportation and utility costs is not helping them either. However, life does become somewhat more relaxed if you can afford a life in LA, especially in the upscale suburb of Brentwood.

Many celebrities like LeBron James, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Tom Brady had the good fortune of calling Brentwood their home. Some of them still live there today, or at least own property in Brentwood. This exclusive neighborhood has a lot to offer for those who can afford to live here. 

And in case you are looking to move to Brentwood, or just wondering what the upscale life here looks like, keep reading. 

Housing is Expensive, but Affordable As Well

Brentwood is an exclusive neighborhood. For that, the real estate market here is quite expensive. Apartments and condos here are not just expensive to buy or rent. They are also hard to come across. That is one of the reasons why you should talk to realtors if you are interested in purchasing or renting a condo or apartment from the Brentwood listings. 

Brentwood LA condos and apartments are mostly expensive, but also affordable at times. For a little over $2 million, you can buy a 2,700 square foot penthouse with stunning views of the ocean. This Brentwood penthouse has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, along with other living and utility spaces.

Brentwood will not disappoint you if you want something on the cheaper side of things. By spending between $500,000 and $650,000, you can purchase condos between 800 and 950 square feet. These are usually two-bedroom apartments with two bathrooms. In some cases, you might have to sacrifice one of those two bedrooms or bathrooms for more living space or amenities.

Quality Education is Guaranteed

To ensure quality education, the authorities at Brentwood School split it into two campuses. 

The East Campus caters to students from grades 6 to 12. The West Campus is for students from kindergarten to grade 5. The split comes as a blessing to the school’s students as they get to experience hands-on learning with specialized facilities based on their age groups and requirements. 

Exquisite Dining Options

The Brentwood upper-class always prefers posh and upscale dining environments. To meet their demands, the suburb has some of the finest restaurants and fine dining options in LA.

Baltaire is a great option for steaks. It is a place where people go to celebrate or spend time with their closest people. Expect to spend a minimum of $50 per person if you are dining here. 

Sushi Sasabune is also a good dining option if you are into sushi. This Japanese-style restaurant has been around for almost half a century now and has always provided the best quality sushi in Brentwood. For $90 per person, you can enjoy a delightful sushi meal here that includes everything from tuna sashimi to crab rolls. 

Attraversiamo is perfect for business meetings as well as for a casual hangout with your friends. This cocktail bar also serves some of the best steaks and pasta in the area. And compared to the other two locations, Attraversiamo is somewhat cheaper, but still offers amazing quality and presentation.

Community-Minded Amenities

Intending to become community-friendly, Brentwood authorities are doing their best to promote community-minded amenities in the suburb. And so far, they have done a decent job in ensuring that. 

Brentwood Farmers Market is just a stone’s throw from the major residential areas of the suburbs. This Sunday staple is not just for the affluent class but is accessible to everyone in the community. Be it fruits, vegetables, or fresh flowers, the Brentwood Farmers Market has it all. 

And in case the farmers market fails to meet your demands, you can always check out the Country Mart. Brentwood’s Country Mart is almost a century old and still manages to provide its customers with everything they might need.

Then there is the Brentwood Community Center which is the perfect place for all sorts of events and parties. From large weddings to art exhibitions, this community center has seen it all. And as time passes, it continues to house these events, and bring the community closer.

So this is what it is like living in the upscale neighborhood of Brentwood. As you can tell, things can get expensive if you want to lead a comfortable life here. However, given the environment you are getting, it is surely worth it.

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