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What Do Students Want Most From Their University App?

Living in a new place is hard enough, let alone being a freshman in college. Starting anew is always challenging and comes with its own ups and downs. Luckily, university students can count on a helping hand, whether they’re freshmen or seniors. Thanks to today’s technology and numerous mobile apps, getting help is easier than ever. But what do students need most from these apps? Let’s find out.

What Are University Apps?

If you’re tech-savvy, the name says most of what you need to know about university apps. However, if you’re still not clear on the definition of a university app, we’ll help you out. It represents a single app that helps students elevate their college experience by connecting to existing systems. These could include systems from the college itself or other partnerships that help make students’ lives and experiences easier.

Overall, these apps represent an effortless on-campus solution and hold any information students may find helpful. They ensure a lot of flexibility, taking away the need to download numerous apps on your device.

Students’ App Checklist

Who knows what students need better than the students themselves? That’s why we’ve gathered information from college students about what they think would help them most in a student app. We’ll go into details below.

  • Service desk — Students needing to get in touch with the service desk can learn more about the working schedule, breaks, and on-campus employment through this service.
  • Appointment scheduler — Regardless of the appointment in question, students find this segment to be crucial as it saves them a lot of time.
  • Campus news — Reading about the latest campus-related news is a great way to stay updated. The news could convey anything from on-site construction zones to obligatory meetings.
  • Maps — Many first-year students find it difficult to make their way around a big campus, so a special maps section could help make things easier. This would also eliminate the need for paper maps, making the whole process eco-friendly.
  • Events — A special events section could alert students about the latest rallies, meetings, fundraisers, and such. It’s an excellent way to stay in touch with fellow students and college events.
  • Polls and surveys — What better way to get the students’ opinions than conducting a poll or a survey? Doing that through an app is much more convenient than chasing students down hallways on their way to class. Plus, it’s more efficient.
  • Mentoring — Students that need to be in touch with their mentors appreciate a dedicated segment for that. It helps them navigate special projects, keep up with the mentor’s comments and notes, and finish their work quickly.
  • Student view — This segment is helpful to each student as it encompasses their dashboards of engagement, communication history, progress, interactive timelines, and communication history, among other things.
  • Chat and notifications — Students feel that personalized notifications can help them stay organized in the long term. Also, discussions with fellow students or college staff have proven quite helpful.

A higher level of organization helps students deal with mental health, increasing awareness of its importance. You can read more about it here. University apps have proven to be of utmost importance and guidance to students on campuses everywhere. That’s why it’s essential to listen to students and adjust the apps to aid their college experience.

What Else?

Additional app-related programs and segments could help students all-around. These could include helpful aids to navigate a student budget or a security check for late-night outings. Aside from that, a student app should be easy to navigate and user-friendly so all students can use it daily.

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