What Are the Types of Casino Card Games: Key Differences

Gambling institutions try to take into account the interests of different categories of players. In addition to slots, people like to play card and table games. There are many types of casino card games for money – from classic poker to the less-known pay-go. Today, we will tell you about the most popular card games and their differences from other activities. Let’s start!

What Are the Types of Casino Card Games: Key Differences

Advantages of Card Games

Customers of the best casinos choose card entertainment due to the following reasons:

  • Development of logical thinking. In the process of the game, you should make well-thought decisions. You can use mathematical strategies to win. Many of them are based on counting and memorizing combinations;
  • The house edge is usually lower than in slots;
  • The rules of most games can be learned in a few games.

If the user has never played cards in an online casino before, then it is better to try to do it in a demo mode. Bets are placed on virtual coins, so no real investments are needed.

What Types of Card Games Are Provided?

The range of games includes more than 10 disciplines. The most popular among them will be listed below:

1)    Poker

There are several types of poker available online, but the essence is the same. The player’s task is to collect the highest combination. There are ten of them. The royal flush is the best combination from ace to ten of the same suit.

2)    Baccarat

The player’s goal is to get a combination of 9 points or the number as close as possible to this value. Game participants receive two or three cards. Each has a specific value:

  • Ace- 1 point;
  • Face cards and 10 – 0 points;
  • 2-9 – according to the denomination.

3)    Blackjack

Italy is considered the birthplace of this game. In the 15th century, a similar game was extremely popular and became the ancestor of blackjack. The goal here is to beat the dealer and take the pot. To do this, you need to score as many points as possible within 21. If you collect more points, the bet will be lost.

4)    Pai gow poker

The player has only one opponent – the dealer. The goal is to collect two hands that beat the croupier. Game participants receive seven cards. A high hand is formed of five cards, and a low hand – of two. When comparing the results, the player’s combinations should be higher than the dealer’s.

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5)    Caribbean Stud

This is a variety of poker as well. The player’s goal is to make a combination that will be higher than the dealer’s. Each participant receives five cards. They are closed for the player, one is open for the dealer. To win, you need to make the right decision: raise or fold.

Classic slots often have a card theme. This is manifested in the symbols on the playing field. They are presented in the form of card suits, figures, and denominations. However, if you want to dive into the world of real poker or blackjack, it is better to try your chances in real card games. There are virtual card games as well. The game is played against the computer and provides you the same chances to win.


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