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What Are Shitcoins and Whether It Is Profitable to Invest in Them 

If you’re bored with regular cryptocurrency and want to spice up your trading experience, you can try to work with shitcoins. These are the virtual currency examples with less value to the market or without a straightforward long-term purpose. Some experts use this term to designate the coins less popular than Bitcoin and those designed after the BTC boom. 

What’s interesting about the shitcoins is their position on the market. They are not of the biggest interest to the trading experts, but this currency is still on the rise. In this article, you will find 5 leading examples of shitcoins and understand if it’s a worthy investment or not. 

Top 5 Shitcoins to Use as an Investment 

There’s a constant dispute on the market about the use of shitcoins and their investment potential. Is it worth investing in this type of currency? If you have gained some experience working with traditional trading markets and managed a couple of ETH to AION transactions, you may have fun with the short-term profit from the shitcoins. 

But how to choose from the wide range of shitcoin examples? You should remember that the currency can behave differently depending on the speculations on the market. Hence, investing should be careful. Here are the top 5 shitcoins you might use as your next-time investment. 


The first shitcoin from the list is the SafMoon currency. By the way, you can buy, sell or trade this coin, as many other examples, on the https://letsexchange.io/ and make it a profitable deal. Let’s get back to the coin. SafeMoon entered the market in 2021 and it was originally backed on the Bitcoin Blockchain. 

Dogelone Mars

If you know something about Dogecoin, you will be more familiar with this shitcoin currency. It was first designed as a meme, but followed the suit of its elder predecessor and got popular on the web. This is a popular shitcoin with a reasonable market cap rating. If you have ever worked with the dogecoin currency, you will find this fork coin a useful asset. 

Shiba Inu

Let’s get back to the basics and discuss one of the most popular Dogecoin-alternative mem currencies. Shiba Inu was designed in 2020 as an alternative slayer to the well-known Dogecoin currency. The latest news says that Shiba Inu might enter the real estate market and will let people own a piece of land. 


You might have heard about the Ilon Mask’s dog Floki. This shitcoin’s name was partially inspired by this dog. The coin got its popularity on the market thanks to one of Musk’s tweets. Nevertheless, it made the coin more visible on the market, the trend didn’t last for a long time. 


This is another meme currency that was released to the market in 2022 by the yacht club members. It’s based on the Ethereum blockchain with a market cap of about $3 billion. If you’re into online games or enjoy virtual shopping, you might want to make Apecoin your next investment. The price can vary, but the ratings of the coin are high. 

Final Words 

Is it worth investing in shitcoins? This is the question each trader should answer on their own. The traditional trading market is full of currency examples that are surely worth investing in. If you have a solid investment package, you can try and play with the shitcoins. These are perfect for short-term funny games on the market. Some experts even manage to gain capital on the coins. You should remember that being carefree isn’t the option, but attention to detail is everything.


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