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Weinstein evades tougher sentencing, gets 18 years in prison

Los Angeles (AP) — Harvey Weinstein He faces a shorter prison sentence in California after a Los Angeles jury failed to come to a verdict on whether he plotted to attack a woman convicted of rape.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lisa Wrench reported Tuesday that a panel could not agree on the specific allegation that Weinstein planned to assault a model actor in 2013 and whether she was “particularly vulnerable.” He later declared a miscarriage of justice on the matter.

Weinstein would have faced an extended prison term of up to 24 years in next year’s sentencing if a jury found either situation applied. guilty of rape If charged with sexual assault a day earlier, it carries a maximum sentence of 18 years in prison.

Weinstein is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence after being convicted of rape and sexual assault in New York in 2020. He is appealing that judgment, as well as the California judgment.

Weinstein was charged with raping or sexually assaulting four women, but was only convicted on one woman’s complaint after a month-long trial. The jury acquitted Weinstein on another woman’s account and was unable to reach a verdict on her two other women’s claims.

The panel returned Tuesday to hear a discussion of the special circumstances claim, and Lench will hold a hearing on Jan. 9 to determine next steps in the case.

https://www.ksby.com/news/california-news/weinstein-dodges-sentencing-enhancement-faces-18-years Weinstein evades tougher sentencing, gets 18 years in prison

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