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Ways To Prevent Package Theft When Not At Home

While we always resort to package storage solutions and other means to handle our packages, package theft can be a headache. Package theft is simply annoying. Just imagine how you would feel if you came to know that your package had been stolen. 

You would probably feel angry and frustrated. It is impossible to sit back at home and wait for the package to be delivered. Hence, you need to come up with some other solution to this problem. 

Package theft in NYC has now become a common issue. Hence, people are looking for solutions to help deal with such problems. In this particular content, we will take a look at the different options that one can take up to prevent stealing packages. 

Schedule your deliveries as per your timings

Well, though all courier companies do not provide this service, you can try doing this. A major number of packing companies allow you to schedule deliveries based on the timings at which you are available at home. You can simply let them know your preferred days and slots when they will deliver your product. 

Add some delivery instructions.

If you are not at home and the delivery agent leaves it on the front porch, it is even easier to be stolen. You don’t want that to happen. Simply leave a delivery instruction stating to put the package somewhere behind the door or at a corner where it cannot be spotted easily. At least, this would reduce the chances of it getting stolen. Maybe the delivery instruction feature will be of great help to you in this case. 

Install a video doorbell

While a video doorbell will not help you prevent stealing a package, it can surely help you take some action later on. A video doorbell is a motion-based bell that comes with a camera. So, once the delivery boy comes to deliver you the package, he will ring the bell, and you can talk to that person directly. 

You can instruct him on where to leave the package or give him other instructions as per your suitability. These video bells have sensors, so the video will be captured if anyone else approaches your front door. Though you cannot do anything right then, you can file a complaint with the video recorded. 

Deliver it someplace else

The best way to avoid stealing packages is not to leave any packages in front of the door. Instead, you can get it delivered to another location where someone else is available. It can either be delivered to a relative’s house or a friend’s house. 

You can simply get it delivered to someone who can take it and keep it safe. This is the best way to ignore package theft. You can also try to get it delivered to your office. Either you can accept it or ask someone from your office to take the product. 

Get a container

One can keep the packages within a container. There is an option to get your package protected at a level similar to what you used to get by staying at home. This is the best way by which you can protect your package while not being at home. Such containers have a secure place for packages even if you are not at home. 

Package drop boxes will help enjoy services for a proper investment. You can simply pick a container that will match your outdoor decor. It will improve the look of the house and benefit you to help store packages. 

Install some cover for the porch

It is the best idea not to keep your front porch all open and accessible to others. Though there is no way, one can simply resort to some ways that can help reduce the visibility of the front porch. One can put a tall bush or a tree that may help keep the view of the porch hidden from those who are walking down the street. 

This would simply help divert the attention of the ones walking by. In this way, criminals will not see the porch to determine if there is a package waiting to be taken. Though it might not be an inexpensive option, it can help improve privacy apart from saving you from stealing packages. Well, this might not be a solid option to prevent stealing packages, but it can somewhat be helpful.

Opt for pickup at the store

Almost all retail stores have the pickup option available rather than having it delivered to your place. It can be a great alternative option to consider. Especially if you are looking for big retailers, be stress-free as they have their retails almost in all locations. On top of that, there are no extra fees for this facility. 

When you purchase a product, just remember to select in-store pickup while checking out. You simply need to select a store from all the stores near you. If the items are in stock and available, you can pick them up immediately. Otherwise, you can ask someone to put your purchases in a trunk, and you can get it whenever it is suitable for you. 


All these options can help you if you are looking for tips to avoid any kind of package theft. While these problems are quite common in every household, there must be ways by which you can handle such issues. Hopefully, these tips can be handy. If you have tried them all, then try these two, and who knows, you might end up saving yourself a lot of time as well. 


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