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Walmart Fulfillment Center in Chino lays off 953 employees – Orange County Register

Walmart’s fulfillment center in Chino is preparing to lay off 953 employees to reduce work shifts.

Employees can apply for jobs at other Walmart or Sam’s Club stores, management said.

Juan Martinez, assistant general manager of the 1.2 million square foot facility at 6750 Kimball Avenue, announced the reductions in December 2018. March 23rd notice It will be sent to the state employment development agency.

“Associates were notified of the decision prior to February 24,” he said. “All employees who do not accept positions at other Walmart properties will leave Walmart on June 2, 2023.”

Martinez did not disclose the reasons for the job cuts, but a company spokesperson said recently that the company’s Chino factories and other e-commerce centers in New Jersey, Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania have cut back or cut nights or weekends. It said layoffs were occurring because of the decommissioning. shift.

Walmart is also cutting jobs in other areas.

In March 2022, the company announced it would hire another 5,000 tech workers and add hubs in Atlanta and Toronto, but after warning that consumers were holding back on discretionary spending amid high inflation, the company said We laid off 200 corporate employees over the summer.

And earlier this month, the company announced that it Closed 20 underperforming stores We have locations in 11 states and Washington DC, with two pickup locations in Illinois and Arkansas.

Martinez said dismissed Chino workers can apply for other jobs during the “paid job search period.” The employee has been given 90 days to find another position at the company, but he did not specify a timeframe for that period.

Martinez was unavailable Wednesday to comment on how many of the laid-off workers have already found work at other company locations.

Walmart has set up a support center to answer employee questions.

Walmart spoke about the challenges of its waning business ahead of the April 16 closure of Chicago’s Walmart Supercenter and three Neighborhood Markets.

“The simplest explanation is to put all the Chicago stores together. not making a profit “Since we opened our first store almost 17 years ago,” the company said. “These stores are losing tens of millions of dollars a year, and annual losses have nearly doubled in the last five years.”

The closures are in line with Walmart’s trend of closing a handful of stores in different states each year, which it said were “underperforming,” without providing specifics.

https://www.ocregister.com/2023/04/19/walmart-fulfillment-center-laying-off-953-employees-in-chino/ Walmart Fulfillment Center in Chino lays off 953 employees – Orange County Register

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